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Seventh Hill has come up with an entirely new way to incorporate hemp into our daily routine.  Hint: It’s uniquely capable of providing you with a sense of inner bliss each time you administer it to yourself.  Their Hemp Green Tea offers 4 ounces of loose tea that can be infused into hot water easily to provide you with the benefits for which green tea is known, along with pure hemp plant material that’s rich in desirable compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, nutrients and more.

Whole Plant Infusion

Unlike similar products on the market, their Hemp Green Tea offers plant material from the entire hemp plant in its raw and unprocessed form.  This means that you’ll take in the flowering buds of the plant where we find cannabidiol (CBD) and other desirable compounds, along with other portions of the plant that are uniquely high in essential nutrients like amino acids, essential fatty acids and vitamins.  This may be the way that’s closest to how nature intended, with each compound acting synergistically with the others to boost the overall effectiveness of the plant’s many known properties.

Stunning Flavor

Hard to argue with the notion that green tea is absolutely delicious all on its own.  And, this particular strain is packed with that warm, comforting earthy flavor that instantly lifts the spirits.  It’s enhanced with real, organic peppermint leaves to add a refreshing, invigorating burst of minty flavor with each sip, while the terpenes of the hemp plant simultaneously incorporate a unique spectrum of flavor notes that are good enough to be savored for the aroma alone.  This makes the tea a great option for serious tea connoisseurs who desire only the finest leaves that are dried to perfection.  Seventh Hill has taken great care to ensure that this tea tastes as good as it feels, sourcing from only the best farms across America.

Free of Additives and Fillers

A lot of hemp products contain a long list of ingredients that change the way in which the overall formula interacts with the body.  Here, the ingredients are simple: green tea, peppermint, and raw hemp.  No fillers or additives are present to make you feel like you’re consuming something questionable, and there are zero chemicals.  Because the tea is made with organic ingredients, you will not have to worry about pesticides or fertilizers making their way into your body and potentially causing harm.  You can easily access the lab reports that come from a third-party.  These reports indicate that this tea is phenomenally high in quality and purity.

Uniquely Soothing

Many of us find the act of drinking tea to be a ritual that feels like the ultimate in self-care.  Each sip is savored slowly, forcing us to take a timeout from our busy routines and enjoy the present moment.  Tea can make us feel calmer and more at peace, while putting the body at ease.  So, if your goal with hemp is to reach a more blissful state, both physically and mentally, this tea acts as the perfect delivery method to introduce those compounds into the body.  With each sip of tea, you will feel uplifted and mellowed, and you will thoroughly look forward to each cup, whether you take it in the morning, afternoon, evening, or night.

Enjoy a Warm Cup of Tea with an Added Boost!

Seventh Hill Hemp Green Tea was carefully developed to deliver only the finest, naturally sourced ingredients that can transform your daily or nightly routine.  This tea offers a satisfying flavor with a soothing effect. One cup a day is all that you need to take your daily routine to the next blissful level.

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