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With 420 right around the corner, many of us are wondering how we’re going to celebrate with our favorite fellow enthusiasts.  If you’re serious about your love for all things “herbal,” then you might want to think about turning 420 into a gift-giving occasion, to make the day even more special.

And, when it comes to 420-themed gifts, one of the most practical and welcomed is edibles.  Edibles are delicious, easy to take, and travel-friendly.  Also, we all know that edibles are capable of offering an intensely satisfying high that can last for hours.  Plus, with the hemp industry expanding, you can choose from more types of edibles than ever before.  Both in terms of the edible recipe itself, and the cannabinoid that offers its own distinctive psychoactive experience.

What are the Best 420 Gift Guide – Edibles Under $30?

Like we said, today’s market offers a huge selection of edibles.  Basically, something for everyone on your 420 gift-giving list.  At Sativa Remedy, we’re proud to carry a lot of fantastic edibles that can satisfy every cannabinoid lover in your life.  So, rather than going on and on, we’re gonna give you a 420 Gift Guide – Edibles that’re under $30.  This way, you can give some awesome gifts this year without blowing your budget.

1:1 Almond Toffee

1:1 Almond Toffee from XITE offers a fantastic, mouthwatering alternative to gummies, while still promising complete sweet tooth satiation.  This company is renowned for their delicious edibles, which include chocolates, caramels, popcorn, and more, and a bag of tasty toffee chews is just $15, offering 4 generous servings of flavor with a 1:1 ratio of CBD to delta 9 THC, at 15mg each.  Of course, like all edibles on our list, the delta 9 is hemp-derived, and completely legal under federal law.  As for flavor, you will be treated to buttery toasted almonds and rich toffee dipped in velvety milk chocolate.

2:1 Caramels 6 Pack

There’s nothing like rich, chewy caramels, and they’re even better when they’re infused with our favorite cannabinoids.  At $26, 2:1 Caramels 6 Pack from Seventh Hill CBD offers a fantastic 2:1 ratio of 20mg CBD and 10mg delta 9 THC.  Again, fully compliant with the law.  These caramels are handmade by hemp farmers with lots of experience in the industry, and their magnificent flavor is perfect for a celebratory occasion like 420, again acting as a nice alternative to the more common gummies.

1:1 Infused Sparkling Water 4 Pack

Cannabis beverages are quickly becoming a major trend in the industry, and it’s easy to see why.  Drinking our favorite cannabinoids allows them to absorb into the body more quickly, so that we feel their effects faster, all while still delivering hours of gratifying psychoactive effects.  These 1:1 infused sparkling water cans contain 5mg of CBD and 5mg of delta 9 per serving, and offer a deeply refreshing way to quench your thirst throughout the day.  If you’re planning on smoking for the holiday, these can be a great reach for when that cottonmouth kicks in.

Blue Razz 1:1 THC Gummies

Of course, gummies remain hugely popular for a reason, and these 1:1 gummies boast 10mg CBD and 10mg delta 9 per piece, while absolutely bursting with juicy blue raspberry flavor, perfect for anyone who wants some sour with their sweet.  Made by Cycling Frog Artisan Extracts, they promise to give you the high you’re looking for with the addition of CBD to take some of the edge off.  You can choose between the 10ct and 40ct, based on just how extravagant you want your gift to be, but the 10ct is only $12, perfect for budget-conscious gift-givers.

Chai Awakening CBD Tea

If you want to take a break from the psychoactive side of the cannabis plant, there’s some dream CBD-infused chai tea from The Brothers Apothecary, with 60mg of CBD in each serving.  As you probably know, CBD is nonintoxicating, and known for its ultra-relaxing and soothing properties, aiding in relief within the body and mind.  The delicious spices infused into this tea make each cup a special experience in and of itself, and the use of top-shelf hemp-derived cannabidiol ensures that you’ll feel cozy and at ease in no time.

Mother’s Honey Sticks 5 Pack

With 4mg of delta 9 and 1mg CBD per stick, this gooey, sweet honey hits the spot like nothing else, while acting as one of the most versatile edibles out there.  Pour some straight onto a spoon, stir it into honey, spread it on buttered toast, or use it as an ingredient for baking – the possibilities are endless, while providing you with nano-emulsified full spectrum hemp extract so you get your daily serving of terpenes alongside two all-time favorite cannabinoids.  This is the perfect gift since it can be enjoyed in so many ways, and offers high-quality, carefully sourced honey that’s absolutely delicious all on its own.

Patsy’s CBD Milk Chocolate Mini

These 1-piece chocolates are just $2.50 a piece, and you can stock up on them and give them out as 420 party favors.  Each piece contains 25 milligrams of Colorado-grown hemp extract, without any psychoactive effects (THC-free), while providing a dreamy milk chocolate taste that nobody can turn down.  Again, these won’t get you high, but they do offer the most beloved nonintoxicating cannabis derivative, which can complement your high by taking things into a more mellow direction.  And, they’re perfect for satisfying the munchies.

Gift Your 420 Buddies Some Tasty Edibles to Make it a Special Occasion

Edibles remain a hugely popular way to enjoy our favorite cannabinoids, and at Sativa Remedy, our collection is practically overflowing with gummies, chocolates, caramels, beverages, teas, and more.  If you want to give out some goodies this year, you can’t go wrong with any of these 420 Gift Guide – Edibles products above.  We invite you to explore these products and other edibles on our website. From there, simply place your order soon so that they arrive in time for the upcoming holiday.

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