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420 is upon us, and if you take the holiday seriously, then you may treat it as a gift-giving occasion.  There’s really nothing like giving 420-themed gifts to your favorite fellow enthusiasts once a year, especially in today’s day and age, where you can find some exceptional gifts online.

With so many beautiful glass pieces on the market nowadays, you might want to consider one of them as the ideal gift.  Glass pieces have a timeless appeal, serving an extremely practical function while being aesthetically pleasing – some are even conversation pieces thanks to their gorgeous designs – and so it makes perfect sense that a glass piece would be an extremely appreciated gift for someone who enjoys collecting pipes and rigs.

What are the Best Glass Pieces and Accessories for 420?

Glass pieces are everywhere on the market, ranging from small spoon pipes to gigantic bongs, not to mention stunning rigs for those who are more about that dabbing lifestyle.  Let’s go over the most popular glass pieces at Sativa Remedy, along with accessories that enhance the user’s experience, so that you can find the perfect piece for everyone in your life.

BorOregon 8” Mini Tube – Full Fume 1

One of the most visually striking pieces we’ve seen in a long time comes from BorOregon, an independent glass artisan from Oregon, renowned for their beautiful craftsmanship, attention to detail, and aesthetic talent.  This piece is inspired by a standard beaker-style bong, standing at 8 inches tall, with a 3-inch base diameter.

The bong offers a dreamy color scheme of yellow and green, and it’s fumed to offer enhanced visual appeal while changing color during use.  Overall, it’s an absolutely gorgeous piece that any enthusiast would be proud to display on their shelf.

BorOregon Bubble Cap – Light Green

Another standout piece from BorOregon is this light green bubble cap, which is great for anyone who already has all the pieces they could ever ask for.  A bubble cap naturally serves a great purpose as an accessory, allowing for a satisfying bubbler session, but the cap itself has massive aesthetic appeal that brings a little luxury to that everyday toke.  We’re obsessed with the light green color, and the gorgeous craftsmanship that went into crafting this beautiful accessory, to the point that we’ve never looked at bubble caps the same ever since.

BQ Pro Quartz Banger

Your buddy who’s recently invested in their first rig could probably benefit from having a top-quality banger, and a quartz one at that.  The BQ Pro Quartz Banger instantly takes dabbing to the next level with the high-end quartz material which ensures even heating and glorious flavor, while offering a sleek and modern design.  From Bear Quartz, one of the most trusted names in dabbing hardware, it comes in multiple joints for exceptional versatility, meaning you’ll almost certainly be able to choose one that’s compatible with your friend’s rig.  The straightforward flat-top design is a classic, and the most popular one for dabbing.

Costa Glass Sake Bottle Rig – Seafoam 6”

For those with a discerning eye, the Costa Glass Sake Bottle Rig in Seafoam is nothing short of a masterpiece.  At first glance, it offers high-end appeal with its luxurious, high-brow design that any enthusiast will feel privileged to call their own.  The seafoam color is something we can’t get enough of, and at 6 inches, it’s easy to fit onto a display shelf so that the lucky recipient can show it off.

Made by Michigan-based artist Costa Glass, it’s one of the most unique pieces we’ve ever seen in terms of its modernistic shape and overall design, yet it serves as a highly functional means for enjoying luscious, satisfying smoke.

GooMan Glass Orange 5” Jammer

GooMan Glass from California has put their own striking twist on your typical beaker bong, with the magnificent Orange Jammer, at 5 inches.  The pair of horns on either side, paired with the bold orange color, makes this a statement piece if there ever was one.  It’s also ergonomic, while its wide base makes it harder to tip over – great for anyone who’s got a crowded shelf and a clumsy hand.  We love the extra-wide lip at the mouthpiece, which adds comfort to the smoking experience.

BQ Pearls – 2pc

Another great accessory from Bear Quartz is the BQ Pearls, which are quartz pearls that can be placed into a banger.  When the banger heats up and a dab hit is drawn, the pearls, through the laws of physics, begin to spin around, which doesn’t just add a great visual component to dabbing, but helps circulate the vapor and generally improve flavor, airflow, and vapor quality.  Commonly referred to as “terp pearls,” dabbers find that this accessory does wonders for each dabbing session.  And, you can choose from 3 colors: black, ruby, or clear.

Bradfurd Glass Amber Honey 6” Rig

From New York, artisan Bradfurd Glass has crafted an exquisite rig with striking amber honey glasswork, and it arrives with a matching bubble cap for good measure.  At 6 inches, it’s actually quite portable, all while promising nothing but one glorious dab hit after another.  We can’t get enough of the dreamy design both in color and shape, taking the very concept of dab rigs to a whole new level of artistry.

420 is Around the Corner: These Glass Pieces and Accessories are Fabulous Gifts!

With 420 coming up, now’s the time to start looking at the best gift ideas for your fellow herbal lovers, whether they’re all about dabbing or smoking flower.  At Sativa Remedy, we’re proud to offer a fantastic selection of glass pieces and accessories that combine striking style with high performance, to take your friend’s routine to the next level, and offer them yet another reason to look forward to their daily dabbing or smoking sessions.  Check out these high-quality, handcrafted products and more today, to find the ideal gift for each person on your list.

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