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Can CBG Help with Daytime Energy?

A lot of us are starting to embrace other cannabinoids in the hemp plant, having found a lot of success with its most dominant compound, cannabidiol (CBD).  The hemp plant is, in fact, rich in over 100 individual cannabinoids.  So, it comes a no surprise then that the current favorite among hemp users is cannabigerol (CBG).  This is a cannabinoid precursor that’s eventually converted into both CBD and THC.  CBG isn’t as abundant in the hemp plant as CBD.  But, it can be extracted and concentrated, allowing us to take higher strengths of this compound to experience its unique effects.

One thing that we hear countless times from cannabigerol users is that they feel as though they are more focused, motivated, and energized after taking it.  This is all fascinating indeed.  Considering, of course, the association with sleep that so many other cannabinoids have.

Now, if this all true that CBG could actually provide an energy boost, what properties of the cannabinoid are responsible for doing so then?

Cannabinoids and Energy Levels

No surprise that cannabinoids in general impact energy levels.  Cannabinoids are compounds that attach themselves to cannabinoid receptors located in each system of the body.  Which then, of course, trigger regulatory effects that keep bodily processes in balance.  One of many processes that may be affected by cannabinoids is energy levels.  Primarily a process of the nervous system where we find a multitude of cannabinoid receptors.

Certain cannabinoids could be more impactful on energy levels than others.  This based on the CB1 and CB2 receptors that they have an affinity for.  Also explains why some cannabinoids can make us feel sleepier at bedtime.  While others are, according to some users, capable of delivering a boost.

Does CBG Have Stimulating Properties?

Cannabigerol is a unique cannabinoid in its properties.  Most people essentially take it regularly in hopes of experiencing an anti-inflammatory effect.  This is mainly due to its preference for CB2 receptors in the immune system.  But, the more people try CBG, the more we hear that it could help with daytime energy levels.

Data on cannabigerol is sadly limited compared to studies on CBD and THC, which again, are much more prominent in the cannabis plant.  This means that there have been no studies done specifically on CBG’s relationship to the body’s energy supply.  As of now, it doesn’t seem that CBG has specific stimulating properties inherent in its molecular composition.  Also, the only cannabinoid thus far that has been researched to show specific stimulating effects is THC.

Still, if that is the case, why do so many people feel invigorated after taking CBG then? 

Well, it may have to do with this cannabinoid’s relationship with anandamides, which is a relationship that has been studied in the past.  Research has shown that cannabinoid administration prior to exercise can improve performance by boosting motivation, concentration, and even physical energy levels.  The belief is that this comes from the fact that certain cannabinoids stimulate anandamide production.  Anandamides are fatty acid neurotransmitters that may encourage the nervous system to enable the body to engage in more mental and physical activity, which isn’t the same as a stimulant, but is capable of supporting our natural energy homeostasis throughout the day.

In other words, cannabinoids taken during the daytime may naturally push the body to increase its energy and focus levels during the hours during which humans are biologically programmed to be the most active.

Again, no studies have been done specifically on CBG and energy levels.  As of now, however, there’s enough anecdotal evidence from daily users that using it for energy may be worth a shot.

Taking CBG for Improved Daytime Energy: What You Need to Know

Since cannabigerol is a nontoxic and non-psychoactive derivative, it can be purchased in various forms.  These forms include gummies, vapes, and even flower strains that have been specially bred to contain higher-than-average levels of CBG.

Overall, if you are hoping to get some extra energy out of your CBG routine, try these tips:

Tip #1: Try a Strain-Specific CBG Product

First, consider a CBG product that comes in a sativa strain.  Vape oils and flower are more likely to come in a wide variety of strain options that you can select from,  Specifically, sativa strains of the hemp plant are associated with more uplifting, energizing effects, while indica strains are more mellowing.  A sativa strain will combine cannabigerol with specific hemp terpenes that may give you the effect of a subtle boost in both focus and physical energy.

Tip #2: Be Aware of the Milligram Strength

Of course, experiencing the desired effects of hemp always depends on how much you take, which is why with any CBG product, you should be mindful of its milligram strength.  This tells you how many milligrams of active compounds you are consuming.  CBG products can be taken in milligram strength amounts comparable to CBD products.

Examples of this would be:

  • 33 milligrams or so is perfect for a tincture
  • 25 milligrams or so is ideal for an edible
  • Couple puffs off of a vape or smoking flower being a solid serving

Tip #3: Delivery Method Determines the Outcome

Yes, how you experience the potential energizing effects of CBG depends largely on the delivery method.

  • Oils can take up to 30-45 minutes before their effects are felt. However, those said effects can last up to several hours.
  • Edibles can take up to 2 hours to “kick in”, although effects can last through the afternoon hours.
  • Vaping CBG e-liquid provides some fast-acting and potent effects that are short-lived.
  • Vaping/smoking flower offers similar effects that are fast-acting and short-lived but are still capable of delivering more potent properties.

Cannabigerol: A Natural Way to Feel More Productive?

While the jury is still out on whether or not cannabigerol actually possesses energy-boosting properties, there is a reason why many users are reporting that they experience a feeling of invigoration after consuming the cannabinoid.  Basically, you can find ways to incorporate CBG into your daily routine to experience these potential properties for yourself.

Note: Cannabigerol can be taken along with cannabidiol and other cannabinoids.  Meaning, if you’re already taking another type of hemp product, there is no reason why you can’t add CBG into your regimen.  Not to mention, a lot of CBD-infused products, as well as even delta 8 THC products to an extent, can contain small amounts of CBG. When looking at lab reports, you can see that on the breakdown.  It’s usually in a small percentage though.

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