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How to Store Your CBD Products

A good majority of us spend so much time selecting the perfect CBD product for our needs, without really even paying nearly as much attention to how we take care of the product once it’s in our hands.  The reality is that hemp products need to be carefully stored.  Why?  In order to provide us potent levels of the compounds in our daily routine.

How Come Storage is Crucial When It Pertains to Hemp?

Hemp consists of hundreds of unique compounds, with cannabidiol (CBD) being the most prominent and popular.  All of the compounds in hemp are organic, and therefore they will degrade over time.  As compounds degrade, they take on molecular changes that ultimately result in a potency loss.  Thus, making them no longer effective.

Hemp extract expires after about two years on average.  In fact, some products may expire even sooner due to other ingredients in the formula.  For instance, while hemp-based gummies may be good for 2 years, other ingredients may break down within 6 months.  This can then cause a negative impact on flavor or texture.

Storing CBD properly can help you get as much out of your product as possible.  That’s because certain storage conditions can cause the compounds to degrade even sooner than 2 years.

Tips for Proper Storage

Now, let’s go over the key tips for storing your hemp properly.  These tips are easy to follow, and there is no doubt that you will be able to provide these desirable conditions in your home without any real effort.

Tip #1: Avoid Humidity

High moisture levels in the air can speed up the process of the compounds in hemp breaking down, as the moisture can get into the product and cause it to oxidize.  What this means is that you should never store your CBD in a bathroom, where the shower and bath cause humidity levels to rise on a daily basis.  Furthermore, avoid storing your products close to a stove, where the steam produced from cooking can have the same effect.

Tip #2: Avoid Heat

Like humidity, heat can quickly destabilize the compounds of the hemp plant.  This causes them to lose their potency at a fairly rapid rate.  Hence, you should never leave your CBD outdoors, where it’s unprotected from the harsh heat of the warmer months.  Similarly, you should avoid warm areas of your home, such as areas near a heating vent or by a window that gets a lot of direct sun.  Ideally, it’s best to store your CBD in a cool place of the home, such as a closet or cupboard.

Tip #3: Avoid Bright Lights

Light is the third factor that increases the oxidization process, and the one that is most often overlooked.  Therefore, leave your hemp away from the window, and away from rooms with bright lights.  Again, a cupboard or closet is a great way to go, as well as a drawer that stays closed for most of the day.

Tip #4: Keep CBD Airtight

One crucial component to storing CBD is its seal.  You should always keep hemp goods in an airtight package, such as the package it came in, or one that is completely sealed.  This keeps out oxygen, which can interact with the molecules in a way that causes them to break down quickly.  It’s the same type of process that occurs when you leave a bottle of wine uncorked overnight – the alcohol degrades, and you’re left with grape juice.

Tip #5: Don’t Overbuy

It may be tempting to stock up on CBD products when there is a great deal from your favorite company, buy buying more than a year’s worth of cannabidiol goods may leave you with a good deal of expired product.  Try to buy a month’s worth at a time to ensure maximum freshness with each product.

Tip #6: Use CBD in the Order in Which You Purchased It

If you do buy multiple CBD products over time, make sure to use them in the order that you purchased them.  If you must, label them according to when you bought them.  This way, no single product is ever sitting around for a long time, at risk of expiring before you get to enjoy it.

Tip #7: Buy CBD Products that are Well-Packaged

Finally, always buy products that come in an airtight, high-quality package.  CBD products that are poorly packaged may already be breaking down before they even make it to your door.  Look for a seal on the package.  And, if you are buying a CBD oil, go with a dark glass bottle that keeps out light.

Overall, Proper CBD Storge Matters

How you store your hemp products has a lot to do with whether or not your formula can suit your needs.  The good news is that it is easy to store your CBD products properly so that they can last for a long time to come.  Ultimately, you should always keep all cannabidiol-infused formulas in a cool, dark, and dry place, like a closet, cabinet or drawer.

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