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-I have some CBD cream I bought but didn’t seem to notice it working? I tried it for a few days but it didn’t really help.

If this scenario sounds familiar, then you’re not alone because it’s a common experience we’ve been hearing as of recent.

There is nothing more frustrating than spending a pretty penny on a brand new jar of CBD salve and having the results be mediocre at best, leaving you wondering if it’s even doing anything.

But wait there’s hope!

Don’t toss that jar to the back of the pantry just yet. Here are some tips and pointers, when using hemp-derived CBD topicals, that could help get more CBD bang out of your buck.

Check Your Label

Look to the label for the total amount of CBD in milligrams.

The concentration of your topical (how much CBD is in it) will determine exactly “how much”, of the topical you should be applying to your skin. If your topical contains low amounts of CBD, odds are you probably aren’t using enough.

What is a lower amount of CBD?

Well, it depends. A topical product with 100mg of CBD in a 4fl. oz jar would require a lot more to get the same effect as a product with the concentration of 100mg CBD in a .25fl oz jar. Topicals that contain upwards of 1000mg of CBD can often seem like you are spending a lot on a little can, but the higher concentration makes a little go a long way.

Don’t fret if you find out there is not much CBD in your topical, as you can always just apply more. Before you do! Read #2.

Apply in Layers

Pro-tip: Try applying smaller amounts in multiple layers.

Now that you’ve determined that you might have to apply more, instead of lathering up, try applying in small layers.

Take a small amount of the topical and apply it on the area. Give it a few minutes to dry, apply another layer, and repeat this process a few times as needed.

You’ll be able to increase the amount of CBD you applied on an area, without having to apply it all at once which can be a bit much.

Need More Potency?

If you happen to have some potent hemp CBD oil, check the ingredients and make sure everything listed is safe for your skin. If so, use them topically and put them right onto the skin. Some CBD oils are very concentrated and a few drops could go a long way. 

Keep in mind, we’ve tried this method and it isn’t the most convenient method, as it could smell and be colored dark based on your type of CBD oil. Although using your CBD oil topically might not be as refined as using a CBD topical, it can be just as effective if not more effective then some CBD topicals that contain very low concentrations of CBD.

Is it Your Condition?

Most CBD topicals are meant for the upper layers of the epidermis and muscle and do not absorb deep enough to enter into your bloodstream. If the problem you’re trying to resolve lays a bit deeper than what most CBD topicals can reach, then it might not be the right method for you. Perhaps trying a tincture to ingest or use sublingually might be a better-suited option.

CBD topicals are great for specific situations and are must have in anyone’s toolbox of remedies. Just like any hemp product, topicals take some time to find the right amount to use in order to be effective.

Still not sure what’s wrong with your current topical? Send us an email at info@sativaremedy, we would love to assist! 

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