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Patsy’s Candy: Craft Candy Making + Cannabinoid Edibles

Searching for a CBD or delta 8 THC edible that has an artisanal edge?  Look no further than Patsy’s Candy, which offers, simply put, some of the finest edible hemp on the market today.  Sativa Remedy is proud to carry these tasty morsels from such a prestigious brand.  And, you can see why we are exciting to share more about what makes their line of delta 8 and CBD-infused goods so unique.

A Hemp Company with a Uniquely Rich History

Patsy’s Candy isn’t just another CBD brand that popped up to get in on the hemp train.  This brand has actually been producing high-end candies for over 100 years!  It all began with Patsy Mehaney, an Irishman who immigrated to Indiana with a dream of opening up his own candy business.

Patsy had a dream inspired by his taste buds to create the best candied popcorn and salt water taffy he could.  He sold this at local fairs and various events around Terra Haute, Indiana.  Legend has it a company called Cracker Jack heard of his famous candied popcorn and Patsy made a deal for his classic recipe before heading west.  Patsy settled in Manitou Springs, Colorado at the foot of, “The Purple Mountain Majesty”, Pikes Peak in 1903.  From there, he started Patsy’s Candies, taking his business to a more commercial level, with enormous success.

The company has remained in business ever since and has stayed in the family after all of these years.  When the CBD industry first hit it big in Colorado, Patsy’s Candy decided that it was time to incorporate hemp extracts into their edibles.  This was to appeal to an entirely new crowd.  And, now, we can say that their decision was a good one.  They’re regarded as some of the finest edible makers today.

High-End Candies with Top-of-the-Line Ingredients

First thing you will notice about Patsy’s Candy is that all of their hemp-infused formulas taste distinctively fresh and high in quality.  This company has sustained its popularity for a century by using only the finest and most carefully sourced ingredients that give them a competitive edge.  Their signature CBD and delta 8 chocolates have a rich and creamy flavor with zero artificial aftertaste, making it seem as though you’re indulging in something truly special.

A Nice Change from the Same Old, Same Old

We absolutely are not knocking out hemp gummies.  They are a great way to get in that daily dose of cannabinoids while satisfying your taste buds.  Sometimes, we want to change things up, and that’s where Patsy’s Candy comes in.  And, sometimes, it’s nice to treat yourself to a velvety chocolate bar rather than another fruity gummy.  So, if that’s what your craving, this is the chocolate that will satisfy your needs.

Lab-Tested and Properly Extracted

Patsy’s Candy has made a point to maintain strict quality standards by utilizing high-end extraction methods and engaging in third-party lab-testing with all of their edible products.  The company is no stranger to this level of protocol, as it’s what has helped them maintain their popularity over the years while other candy businesses have come and sadly gone.  You are certainly getting bioavailable, clean, and pure hemp compounds with each bite.

Full Spectrum Hemp for the Entourage Effect

Patsy’s Candy uses full spectrum hemp in their delectable chocolates to promote the entourage effect.  Why?  In order to create a more well-rounded and potentially bioavailable hemp experience.  The entourage effect occurs when we consume all of the natural hemp compounds together at once as they exist in the raw plant material.  This allows for synergy to take effect, yielding a more noticeable activation of these compounds in the body.  Full spectrum hemp is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients.  All of them work together to boost the absorption and properties of one another.

Locally Grown, Organic Hemp Material

Being in a state like Colorado, you can imagine that the brand has access to some pretty exceptional hemp.  They work closely with Colorado farmers who are experienced in the hemp trade, while ensuring that all of the plant material being used was grown organically to be pesticide-free and more retentive of its nutrients.

Effective Milligram Strengths for Your Daily Cannabinoid Routine

You can count on getting the perfect daily dose of hemp with Patsy’s Candy.  They even use suggested milligram strength levels in all of their products.  That means you’re getting a solid dose with each portion.  Also, tis way, your daily hemp-related needs are taken care of.  Those effects BTW can last for up to 8 hours in the body.

Try Patsy’s Delicious Delta 8 and CBD Candy Today!

If you’re craving only high-quality, handmade and truly tasty cannabinoid edibles, then look no further than Patsy’s Candy, which offers edibles with an artisanal approach that can’t be beat.  With top-notch flavor and active levels of pure, lab-tested CBD and delta 8 compounds, you really can’t go wrong.

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