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Sorry for the inconvenience, we cannot provide any vape cartridges or devices online.

Update on Hemp Cartridges – Starting March 2021 Sativa Remedy will no longer be shipping out any hemp cartridges or cartridge batteries. This is an unfortunate result of the new federal regulations that were passed recently and USPS recent ban on shipping of vape products direct to consumers via mail. Read more on PACT Act here.

If you are local to Western New York, hemp CBD cartridges and batteries are still available in store.

Update on Delta 8 THC – Starting June 2022 Sativa Remedy will no longer be offering Delta-8 THC products in any form online due to the soon to be updated New York State Hemp Regulations.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support as we navigate these regulations. Please contact us directly at 716-260-1324 or info@sativaremedy if you have any questions or concerns.

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