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Abacus is outdoor-grown by Heartstone Organic Farms in Dansville, NY.  A terpene-rich flower that is dense in resin and perfectly cured and placed 1st in the 2020 FLWR City Harvest Cup.

A special hemp flower offering brought you by FLWR City, these flowers are only available in 7 gram bags.

Enjoy some of New York’s finest hemp flower and feel good knowing that your purchase is helping others across New York State. 50% of the revenue from each 7g bag sold will be put back into the FLWR City Cup to continue raising money that will be donated out during the next 2021 FLWR City Harvest Cup.

To learn more about how the FLWR City Cup fund helps our local New York communities, go here!

All hemp flowers will arrive packaged in a smell-proof, sealed, mylar bag with a Certificate of Analysis.


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This Abacus by Heartstone Organic Farm meets ALL the checkmarks making it no mystery why this cultivar placed as the champion for the 2020 FLWR City Harvest Cup. Abacus, in general, offers diverse profiles not commonly found in other hemp varieties, and this batch is no exception. A relaxing, indica-dominant, cultivar with an impressive total cannabinoid content (24%) making this one of the more potent flowers to come through our doors.

Below are some of the top comments submitted in the 2020 FLWR City Harvest Cup Industry Judges. 

  • “Small medium density flower.  Mixture of light green, darker green, and frosty white tips. Beautiful trichome structure and coverage, tiny thin stems.”
  • “Dark green and purple calyx flower, medium density, trimmed well, good sparkle.”
  • “Great mix of deep green and purple, great structure as well as an almost perfect trim.”
  • “Airy, purple buds with darker green hues, no oxidation. Frosty appearance.”
  • “Sparkles at you, can see trichomes throughout the whole flower. Sticky when broken up.”
  • “Fantastic trichome development, power house on the resin, very sticky , thick almost.”
  • “Trichome Glistens super Frosty with swollen resin glands, very dense surface trichomes.”
  • “Sticky icky🤤”
  • “Incredibly sticky and resinous. My fingers are sticky. I see cloudy to white to 10% amber.”

Below are some of the top comments submitted in the 2020 FLWR City Harvest Cup Industry Judges. 

  • “Spiced berry is the best way to describe this bud.  very unique terpene profile.  could be a little stronger.”
  • “A mix of that gas, citrus and the funk.   right up my alley, very enjoyable aroma.”
  • “Melons, berries, overall great nose with notes of lavender, becomes louder when broken down.”
  • “Very strong, unique, spicy lime notes”
  • “Very pungent, floral-y diesel nose”
  • “Strong dill scent on first smell, cool almost mint with light fuel and orange.”
  • “Almost a dill aroma, with slight cool minty smell”
  • “Smooth and tasty. Chocolately sweet undertones. Makes me want to go back for more wow!  that’s the most smokable one I have had so far.  that terpene profile comes through nice and strong when smoked.  lots of sweet berry and pine notes.”
  • “Aroma translates perfect to the flavor, perfect example of how the right dry and cure create the best taste.”
  • “Very complex smoke, smooth earthy floral.”
  • “Smooth smoke. berry, mint, earthy flavors. strong mint berry aftertaste.”


  • CULTIVAR: Abacus
  • CULTIVATOR: Heartstone Organic Farm.
  • ORIGIN: Dansville, NY.
  • GROWN IN: Outdoor
  • HARVESTED: 2020
  • CBD: 22.48%
  • DELTA-9 THC0.24%

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*All hemp flower products at Sativa Remedy can contain up to 0.3% delta-9 THC in accordance with 
Section 7606 Agricultural Act of 2014.
Although our products comply with the federally mandated THC limit of less than 0.3% THC by dry weight, this does mean a positive test is possible. Sativa Remedy holds no liability for any positive results on a drug test. We highly recommend not using CBD products if this is a concern to you.


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