Bear Claw Grab Tool


The Bear Claw Grab Tool by Bear Quartz assists in the clean-up process by providing an easy way to remove your terp pearls and marbles from your scorching bangers without getting burned, by using its thin design and retractable wide claws, keeping your hands at a safe distance from your blazing-hot glass. Opposed to tweezers, the Bear Claw Grab Tool will keep your terp pearl securely locked in place, helping you transfer your pearls without risking dropping and losing them.

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Bear Quartz(BQ) is one of the industry leaders when it comes to innovation in dabbing technology, and they continue to push dabbing technology forward with their bangers, tools, and accessories, optimizing the entire dabbing process from start to finish. BQ has come out with multiple designs of quartz bangers, and many dabbing accessories, including the Bear Claw Grab Tool. Bear Quartz have tools and accessories for people of different knowledge and skill levels, from their BQ Pro bangers to their slurper designs. You can check out our Bear Quartz collection here to upgrade your dabbing routine.

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