Bear Quartz Swabs


Bear Quarts Swabs will take your post-dab cleanup to the next level!

Bear Quartz, being one of the industry leaders when it comes to innovation in dabbing technology, designed these swabs with functionality in mind.

Bear Quartz makes swabs in two different styles (BQ Bamboo & BQ Flexies) and multiple ways to buy, making it even easier to keep your quartz banger squeaky clean.


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Bear Quartz Swabs come in two different styles, both being extra handy in keeping your quartz banger squeaky clean.

The first style, BQ Bamboo Swabs, feature a oversized, tightly-spun, cotton heads with a stiff bamboo handle giving you extra rigidity to clean your gear.

The second style, BQ Flexies Swabs feature a softer-spun cotton head and flexible paper handle, great for getting into tight spaces.

Bear Quartz Swabs are available as a BQ SWAB KIT, BQ Bamboo Refill, and BQ Flexies Refill.

If this is your first time purchasing BQ Swabs, then we highly recommend starting with BQ SWAB KIT which contains both Bamboo Swabs & Flexies Swabs as well as a removable tube to store your glass cleaner.

BQ SWAB KIT Comes with:

  • 1 Reusable BQ Swab Kit Station
  • 2/3 Bamboo stick swabs
  • 1/3 Flexies stick swabs
  • 1 Removable Cleaning Solution Storage Tube


  • 200ct Bamboo Swabs


  • 200ct Flexies Swabs

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A. BQ Swabs KIT, B. BQ Bamboo Refill, C. BQ Flexies Refill

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