BorOregon Fumed Minitubes


BorOregon Fumed Minitubes are hand torched in Oregon and are sure to take your rig collection to the next level.

Using a centuries-old technique, BorOregon vaporizes gold and silver metals onto the surface of the glass. Gold and silver fuming will give the glass unique color properties that will dance in the sunlight as well as change color with enough resin build-up.

Choose a fully-fumed minitube for a guaranteed show-stopper, or choose a half-fumed minitube to dab in style without breaking the bank.

All Fumed Minitubes by BorOregon are set in a 10mm, 45 degree female joint and all come with a 2-hole perc removable downstem.

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Half Fume Minitube- A, Half Fume Minitube- B, Full Fume Minitube- C, Full Fume Minitube- D, Full Fume Minitube- E

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