BQ Flexies Refill


A BQ Flexies Refill contains 200 Flexies, one of the two types of swabs found in a full BQ Swab Kit. You can find bamboo stick swab refills here, or the entire BQ Swab Kit here. The BQ Swab Kit was made to be reusable as a place to store your BQ Flexies Refill or BQ Bamboo Refill.

The bamboo stick provides you the sturdiness you need to clean your gear, while the flexies help you clean those hard-to-reach areas. Accessories from Bear Quartz are widely known for their quality, and they continue to innovate in dabbing technology.

You can find more Bear Quartz accessories here.

Comes with:

  • 200 BQ Flexies

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Bear Quartz(BQ) is one of the industry leaders when it comes to innovation in dabbing technology. BQ has come out with multiple designs of quartz bangers. Each unique quartz banger model has their own different and distinct features, each adding their own individual twist to your dabbing experience. Bear Quartz has a design for people of different knowledge and skill levels, from their BQ Pro bangers to their slurper designs. If you’re interested in adding variety to your routine, you can check out our Bear Quartz collection here.

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