Dab Mat – Galactic


Protect your gear with a stellar Galactic 8″ Dab Mat by East Coasters.

East Coasters makes each custom mat out of recycled rubber, giving you a perfect place to set your dab accessories! Often collaborating with lots of artists and causes, they match unique art pieces with a commitment to re-purposing products that don’t need to end up in a landfill. Coming in various sizes, shapes, and styles, you can find a beautiful mat to give you confidence that you can set your gear down without scratching or breaking. See more of their great designs here.

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East Coasters Dab Mats provide the perfect surface to set down all your dab accessories! All of East Coasters Dab Mats are made in America, using recycled rubber as a canvas for amazing art pieces. Since their inception in 2014, they have repurposed approximately 20 tons of rubber. The New Jersey-based company also partners with other environmental causes and wildlife conservation organizations, with their Coasters for a Cause program, aiming to find additional ways they can help the environment. These artistic mats come in a large selection of sizes, shapes, and features, making it easy to find a mat to match your own personal aesthetic, while supporting an environmental cause. You can click here to view our selection of East Coasters products.

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