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Flow Gardens Blueberry Cough Drops


Flow Gardens Blueberry Cough Drops is an hybrid hemp cultivar, hydroponic-grown in Tennessee. This frosty CBD flower is available in 3.5g packages.

All hemp flowers will arrive packaged in a smell-proof, sealed, mylar bag with a Certificate of Analysis. Packaging may vary.

Each high-CBD cultivar sold at Sativa Remedy is hand-selected and vetted for quality before offering it to our customers. We search the nation for small hemp cultivators who have perfected their craft of growing high-quality plant medicine.

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Flow Gardens Blueberry Cough Drops


Flow Gardens Blueberry Cough Drops is an indoor, hydroponic grown hemp cultivar grown by Flow Gardens in Tennessee. This cultivar is a hybrid CBD flower.


Flow Gardens Blueberry Cough Drops flowers are dense, and nugs can be small to large. A large variety of colors can be found on this flower, with primarily a mix of light and dark greens, and a faint purple can be observed upon closer inspection. Trichomes give this bud a light yellow finish, with darker and light orange pistils. Blueberry Cough Drops flowers have been perfectly cured and tightly trimmed.


Blueberry Cough Drops give off a slightly sweet blueberry and cherry scent, with notes of pine and pepper.


  • CULTIVAR: Blueberry Cough Drops
  • CULTIVATOR: Flow Gardens
  • ORIGIN: Tennessee
  • GROWN IN: Greenhouse
  • HARVESTED: 2023

Flow Gardens Blueberry Cough Drops COA
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*All hemp flower products at Sativa Remedy can contain up to 0.3% delta-9 THC in accordance with 
Section 7606 Agricultural Act of 2014.
Although our products comply with the federally mandated THC limit of less than 0.3% THC by dry weight, this does mean a positive test is possible. Sativa Remedy holds no liability for any positive results on a drug test. We highly recommend not using CBD products if this is a concern to you.

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