Grow with Casey: CLONING 101 – Aug 27, 2022


Grow with Casey: CLONING 101.

Join us Saturday, August 27th at either 1pm or 3pm for a fun beginner-level class all about cloning cannabis! Each session is approximately 1-hour long and includes a live cannabis cloning demonstration and an overview on the basics of cloning.

This class has a registration fee of $25.

All registrants of the Grow with Casey: CLONING 101 class will receive a free sample of Rooting Gel to take home for their own cuttings!

*STAY TUNED for the release of the entire Grow with Casey (G.W.C.) Educational Series Class Schedule

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All Grow with Casey classes are held at Sativa Remedy hemp dispensary located on 17 Main St. Tonawanda, NY. 14150. The classroom has a restroom, and bottled water and note taking material will be provided!

We encourage all registrants to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the class start time.



“Cloning is the process of propagating the apical meristem of secondary and tertiary branches.”

In simpler terms, cloning is cutting a branch from a plant while getting that branch to form its own roots and grow into a genetically identical plant.

Cloning your homegrown plants has MANY advantages!
1. It can save you time & money when compared to starting a plant from seed.
2. Clones are more predictable & uniform than seed-started plants.
3. Clones allow one to keep growing their favorite plants indefinitely.

Cloning your plants can seem intimidating, but with a few fundamentals, you can be propagating in no time!

A close up of Casey Anderson teaching to a crowd of people.

Sativa Remedy’s Grow with Casey classes are an educational series focused on cannabis, designed to empower the community to take a more, Do It Yourself, approach whether growing your own plants, to using your homegrown-harvest to make your own infusions.

The Grow with Casey Education Series are instructed by industry expert Casey Anderson.

Casey has dedicated the last 10 years of his life to extensive research on mental health and direct correlation to addiction and the use of cannabis as a treatment plan. From working along side respected doctors in WNY, to one of the largest muli-state cannabis retailers from seed to sale, Casey’s passion is helping others understand cannabis better by empowering others to Do It Yourself!

Stay Tuned for the release of the Grow with Casey full class schedule!

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Class Time

1:00pm Class – 08/27/22, 3:00pm Class – 08/27/22

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