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Head & Heal CBD Oil Cat Formula

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Head & Heal CBD Oil Cat Formula was created for your beloved feline friends with an organic, hemp-derived CBD pet formula. Each 30mL bottle contains 300mg CBD and has roughly 60 servings. Each 1mL dropper contains 10mg CBD. Recognizing that animals, including cats and dogs, share a similar endocannabinoid system with humans, this pet-friendly CBD oil is crafted to provide them with comparable support.

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Head & Heal CBD Oil Cat Formula is made from New York-grown hemp farm in Cortland. Much like humans, cats and dogs possess a similar endocannabinoid system, allowing them to experience similar support from ingesting CBD. This CBD Oil Cat Formula is most efficient when given orally, but you may also add the desired amount to your pet’s food.

Crafted from start to finish within their own facilities, Head & Heal ensures quality throughout the entire production process – from seed to sale. The CBD oil is processed and bottled in-house, allowing for stringent quality control measures. Ethanol extraction is used to harness the holistic benefits of the entire hemp plant, resulting in a CBD oil that encompasses a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDV, CBG, CBC, and a minimal THC content of less than 0.3%.

Made with full-spectrum hemp extract and organic MCT oil, this CBD oil has a simple ingredient list and is designed to be taken sublingually or applied externally on the skin.

Suggested Use: 

The easiest way to give a cat CBD is by placing on their food, either with their morning or nightly meal.

These droppers have measurement lines on them at .25 ml, .5 ml, .75 ml, and 1 ml.

1 full dropper is equal to 1 ml, which has 10 mg of CBD.

To use, start with just under .25mL/10lbs body weight.

Do not exceed .5mL/10lbs body weight unless under veterinary supervision.


Hemp Source:

New York, USA
By Head & Heal

Test Results:
Head & Heal CBD Oil Cat Formula

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Product Info:

Total Volume 30ml
Serving Size 1ml
Total Servings 30
Total CBD 300mg
CBD Per Serving 10mg



2 reviews for Head & Heal CBD Oil Cat Formula

  1. Sonya

    My cat gets stressed very easily. Anything from grooming his long hair, clipping his nails, and routine trips to our vet can easily become a very big project, that usually ends in someone getting clawed. A friend of mine recommended we give CBD a try and i’m so glad we did. We give our cat a few drops of this tincture, usually an hour or two before we have to do anything, and you can definitely tell he is more relaxed and not bothered by things that used to stress him out.

  2. Shannon P.

    Makes our routine grooming and nail trimming sessions a breeze when we give our cats this product. I had no clue cats could even benefit from CBD oil. This was a great find and the dropper makes it easy to administer.

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