Piranha Slick Tip Swabs


Piranha Slick Tip Swabs are ideal for cleaning due to its sturdy bamboo stick. The bamboo stick replaces soggy, wet, or bent paper and plastic swabs, with a swab that helps you clean without falling apart. Each box of Piranha Slick Tip Swabs contains 300 swabs, with each swab having a pointed slick tip on one side that’s perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach spots on your glass, atomizers, e-nails, and e-rigs.

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Piranha Slick Tip Swabs are the perfect solution typical swabs bending or falling apart, using a bamboo stick for extra support while scrubbing and cleaning. The pointed tip on each cotton swab helps you reach tight corners while the bamboo stick remains sturdy, even while wet with your cleaning solution, and using less swabs overall as a result. Piranha Slick Tip Swabs are dual-sided, with one slick tip on each stick, making them a versatile cleaning tool to add to your dabbing routine.

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