Ruby Terp Pearl Set – 6mm


The Ruby Terp Pearl Set – 6mm comes with two 6mm lab-grown sapphire ruby terp pearls.

Lab-grown gems are affordable, visually appealing, and still retain heat and evenly distribute your concentrate as they spin in your banger, just like a regular quartz terp pearl.

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Ruby Terp Pearl Set – 6mm pearls are made with lab-grown sapphire, made with synthetic corundum which allows the gem to be abundant and cheap, while also being visually appealing and functional as a dab accessory. Much like a quartz terp pearl, a ruby terp pearl will help you evenly distribute heat, as well as evenly distributing your concentrate in your banger. Ruby terp pearls are not meant to be cleaned while hot, as they are more sensitive to rapid cooling than quartz.

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