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Hemp Highlight

Extract Labs Hemp Lemon Tincture

A Sativa Remedy Hemp Product Review.


The wonderful folks over at Extract Labs, in Boulder, CO. have developed the perfect recipe to let you enjoy the full spectrum benefits of CBD, without the full spectrum taste, all while using an all-natural pure lemon extract.

Extract Lab’s lemon flavored hemp tincture starts off with Colorado-grown hemp. This hemp is processed through CO2 extraction, blended with MCT oil, and pure lemon extract.

The aroma when opening a bottle is pleasantly balanced between light -but familiar- hemp smell, that is delicately masked by a refreshing lemon scent from the pure lemon extract.

In fact, the smell is so welcoming, I found myself repeatedly opening the bottle for no other purpose but to sneak in another quick sniff.

Worth Mentioning.

1. Lemony Fresh Taste.

One of the common complaints we hear from those who try out hemp-derived CBD oil is flavor. The herbal and grassy notes do not sit well with many, especially those with sensitive pallets.

At Sativa Remedy, we refuse to carry or advocate for any product that use artificial flavors to help subdue the herbal-ness. This goes against what hemp means to us as a plant.

Now, with naturally flavored full spectrum CBD oils becoming more common, Extract Labs Hemp Tincture w/lemon is pleasant welcome. There is still a hint of hemp lingering in the background, but overall, the pure lemon extract seems to do its job of taming the taste pretty well.

Something about the lemon really works well at masking the hemp taste, and does so without seeming artificial or overpowering.

2. CBC & Beta-Caryophyllene

We believe CBD works best in conjunction with all the other components found in the hemp plant, which is why we always fully inspect the profiles of the other cannabinoids and terpenes in all products. This Extract Labs tincture shows higher amounts of the cannabinoid, CBC, and shows that Beta-Caryophyllene as it’s dominant terpene.


If your new to CBD oils, trying out this full spectrum tincture from Extract Labs is a great way to try flavored oils that still keep an extremely simple, natural ingredient list.

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