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Hemp Highlight

Lazarus Natural’s High Potency

A Sativa Remedy Hemp Product Review.


A full spectrum, high potency CBD oil that was derived from Oregon grown hemp that delivers a potent cannabinoid punch, but easy on the wallet. A serious contender for those needing more than just a typical low milligram CBD “feel well” serving.

Worth Mentioning.

1. Cannabinoid Levels

This specific batch of Lazarus Natural’s tincture has some serious numbers to back its High Potency claim. Our specific batch’s certificate of analysis shows the CBD levels testing a hair above their advertised CBD content (50mg/mL) for a total of 54mg of CBD per 1mL dropper.

2. The Taste

Those squeamish to strong herbal and “grassy” smells and tastes take note! This tincture can be off-putting for those with a sensitive pallet. In its defense, the potent herbal flavors means it lacks any unnatural additives and closely resembles the plant from which it came. The best method of consumption is keeping this tincture under the tongue for quicker sublingual absorption.

Not all will share my our enthusiasm for the taste, and some simply will not be able to tolerate the taste at all. The taste is not surprising given the potency of this oil. At most, it is on-par (taste wise) with most other higher potency hemp CBD oils.

Tips For Taste
-Plug your nose while taking the oil sublingually.
-Wash down the oil with a sip of your favorite fruit juice.
-Fill empty food-grade capsules with the oil to avoid the taste. * Will take longer to absorb through GI tract *

3. The Cost

The hemp-derived CBD industry is not known for its generous price tags. In fact, the cost of most CBD products on the shelves is enough to scare anyone away. That is what makes Lazarus Naturals so special! They understand the importance of having a simple equation to grow and make hemp products.

High-Quality Plant
Simple Ingredient List
Compassionate Pricing Structure

Lazarus Naturals smallest size offering of their High Potency tincture comes in at $32.00 a bottle at the time of this review. At 15ml per bottle with a total of 750mg of CBD, that comes to $0.04 per mg of CBD and around $2.13 for 50mg of CBD serving. The cost per mg and serving decreases when you opt for a bigger bottle.

More volume = Bigger investment but long-term savings

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