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More hemp enthusiasts are exploring the world of strains, mainly in the form of flower, which offers the full spectrum of desirable compounds found in hemp in their purest and most untouched form.  Out of all of the strains that are floating around right now, a particularly popular one is ACDC.  This strain offers a lot of qualities that appeal to the majority of today’s CBD users.

Strain Characteristics

ACDC is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that’s been extremely popular for years, being a tried-and-true favorite among the most discerning hemp enthusiasts.  Its parent strains are unknown, which means that we can’t trace its lineage.  But, it’s become so enormously popular that few people care, as they already know that it’s a strain that they want to keep in rotation.

It offers somewhere around 11% CBD (cannabidiol), which is average for hemp flower, and has a total cannabinoid content of about 14%, while remaining within the federally legal limit of delta 9 THC.  Originating from Oregon, its popularity has spread quickly across the country.

ACDC is quite a visually appealing strain as well, with light and dark shades of green contrasting gorgeously with waves of rich purple and orange pistils.  The buds are coated in a very thin coating of trichomes, offering a subtly milky coating that also makes the buds somewhat sticky to the touch.  They’re not too dense, which makes them easy to break apart.

Flavor and Aroma Profile

The first note you’ll notice when smelling ACDC is pine, along with a minty and ambiguously fruity aroma.  In terms of flavor, many people adore its strong notes of blueberry that’s both tangy and sweet, along with minty undertones and notes of diesel and pine.  It has a fresh flavor that appeals to the palate without too much sweetness.

Type of Experience to Expect

Being a sativa-dominant hybrid, naturally this strain is more popular for the daytime, as it may offer something of a boost without the couchlock or grogginess that some indica varieties are known for.  But, as it is ultimately a hybrid, you can expect a nice balance, meaning that this strain won’t give you a rush that interferes with your ability to mellow out on the couch should you want to sit back and watch a movie to unwind after a long day.

Many users believe that this is a 50/50 hybrid, and while that can’t be proven, it checks out according to many of its users.  In other words, you’ll get the body effects of indicas, which can help the muscles melt into where you’re sitting, without the sluggishness that comes with that in many instances.

At first, you may notice a sense of euphoria and emotional balance, as things that bothered you just hours ago no longer have an effect on your state of mind.  You might feel creatively motivated and want to write a poem or play some guitar.  You may also find yourself feeling more focused and alert, not to mention present in the moment.  Many say that they feel more sociable with this strain, which means that it can be a good choice if you plan on going out with some friends or going to a party where you won’t know many people.

As some time goes on, you may notice your body getting a little heavier, and you may want to just chill out and relax as the more indica-like properties start to come into the picture.

Who Might Benefit from Using ACDC?

Due to its high CBD content, many people seek out ACDC for help with an issue that they deal with daily.  Its uplifting properties make it particularly helpful to those who are dealing with a low mood and could use a boost in that department.  Many also find that the tension in their muscles becomes less of an issue once the compounds really kick into gear.

It may also help with feelings of low appetite, which can be profoundly useful to those who have a hard time consuming enough food each day.  While each case may vary, many people note that food becomes more appealing after this strain has activated in the body.

How is ACDC Cultivated?

Cultivating ACDC is actually not the easiest process.  It’s a finicky strain that grows to about 4 feet but needs a good deal of support as its stalks are not as self-supporting.  Without this support, the plant can die quickly.

It can be grown outdoors or indoors, and it doesn’t prefer high heat but doesn’t like the bitter cold either, so you’ll need to make sure you live in a mild climate or otherwise bring it inside.  It flowers within about 9 to 10 weeks.

The Bottom Line

ACDC is an extremely popular strain that CBD enthusiasts find helps them on a regular basis, and its balanced effects make it a clear crowd-pleaser.  It’s actually the perfect strain for beginners as it introduces them to both indica and sativa properties, with the strain never veering too far into one direction.  And, at Sativa Remedy, you can find this strain in the form of raw, organically grown whole flower buds that are sold fresh to ensure that you get to experience all of these splendid properties and flavor notes as much as possible.  Available in a wide variety of weight options, we proudly carry some of the finest ACDC in the world.

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