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Nowadays, everyone is talking about the newest hybrids to reach the hemp flower market.  But, tried-and-true sativas are every bit as valuable and can be exactly what countless hemp enthusiasts are looking for.  One of the more popular strains we carry at the moment is called Oregon Sweetgum.  It’s a brilliant cross between a Sativa-leaning strain that carry called ACDC and a hybrid called Canna Tsu.  While this heavy-hitting Sativa-leaning hybrid is sure to leave you quite uplifted, it will also help ease any daily tension or stress, as well as any achy joints or sore muscles.


Oregon Sweetgum offers dense medium-sized, chunky flowers that have a noticeably satisfactory bounce back when squished. Its flowers are uniformly light green, and as you break it down you’ll notice some darker green colors as well. You’ll notice compliments of beautiful light brown to maroon pistols throughout alongside an array of milky white to amber colors trichomes. The entire bud itself has an almost greasy look and feel to it as it is being broken down due to its high trichome content.

Flavor and Aroma

You would expect from the name of the strain that Oregon Sweetgum delivers, at the very least, something of a light sweet bubble gum smell.  This flower has an initial smooth, sweet nose to it with notes of rubber and pine. Once the breakdown process initiates you’ll notice a pleasantly, stinky aroma of earth and pine.


Oregon Sweetgum falls into the sativa-hybrid category due to its genetics. However, with it being a high-cannabinoid testing flower it can be ideal for both day and night time usages.  Smoking or vaporizing small amounts of this flower is bound to give you a wonderfully uplifted sensation while still giving you generous amounts of cannabinoids to help assist with daily stress, anxiety, or aches and pains. When larger amounts are consumed, this flower will transform into a cannabinoid powerhouse allowing you to take off or end the day by easing muscle tension, inflammation in your joints, and providing you with a calm, grounded mindset to ease into your evening.


This flower is quite versatile due to its high-cannabinoid content, and can address a myriad of symptoms. If you’re dealing with inflammation-driven ailments the high CBD content found in this strain is sure leave you feeling “greased up” and ready to face the day like a well oiled machine! Also, if you’re looking for something to help manage stress, anxiety, or to just lend a hand in lifting your spirits then look no further! The mood-boosting effects that come Oregon Sweetgum allow you to face the day with a level mind and a smile on your face.


There is currently no growing information that can be useful to those who wish to cultivate their own Oregon Sweetgum.  The strain is quite new and extremely hard to find presently.

Oregon Sweetgum at Sativa Remedy

If you want to give Oregon Sweetgum a try, you’re in luck as we offer it in its purest form right here at Sativa Remedy.  Our organic CBD flower buds come from small craft hemp farmer grown under careful cultivation standards to ensure that each bud yields the very best and most bioavailable compounds possible.  Our Oregon Sweetgum flower is lab-tested by a certified third party so that you can be confident that you’re getting only the very best in terms of purity and quality.

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