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Are you all about hybrids?  Especially, when they offer something in the uplifting department.  If so, Sour Lifter is the next strain that you should incorporate into your routine.  With its bold flavor and even bolder properties, it’s a strain that is easy to please.  Being specially bred for the hemp market, it delivers the right amount of cannabidiol (CBD) along with other popular cannabinoids and terpenes.  These create a balanced yet somewhat “lifting” feeling that can get you through the more challenging parts of your day.


Sour Lifter is characterized by its chunky buds with a rich olive green that has a yellow hue.  The buds are relatively large and have flecks of orange with minimal frostiness.  This is in spite of a particularly high volume of resinous trichomes.  What are trichomes, you ask?  They give the buds a sticky feel to the touch, and is the only part of the flowers that contain all of the cannabinoids we know and love.

Sour Lifter is noted for its 15.5% CBD content, and the plant yields below 0.3% delta 9 THC.  It’s a hybrid strain made from crossing the original Lifter with GG#4.  Results: Gently sativa-leaning hybrid that provides a nice balance of indica and sativa effects overall.

Flavor and Aroma

Like those buds to be potent?  Then Sour Lifter is your strain.  The buds have a strong aroma that has undertones of rich dried fruit, and a funky blend of skunk and cheese on top.  It’s powerful stuff, as this gives you a good indication of what to expect once you use it.  The flavor profile is no different, with notes of berries and apples colliding with your taste buds along with a cheesiness that actually complements and balances out the sweetness quite beautifully.  A fuel-like aftertaste comes from the influence of the breed’s distant cousin, Sour Diesel.


Sour Lifter gets its name from the “lifting” effects of the strain.  Despite the relatively balanced properties that come from its balance of indica and sativa characteristics, Sour Lifter is noted for its euphoria-inducing feeling that gradually lifts you into space.  The strain is noted for its more soothing sensation throughout the muscles without resulting in couch-lock.  Now you can see why so many people find this strain to be great for any time of day.  Whether you have a busy day at work ahead of you, or just trying to mellow out at nighttime.

The strain is great for making you feel alert and clear-headed, with a more grounded state of mind that can really come in handy after a long day at work.  The alertness can be great for the daytime when you need to focus on a task at work or a creative endeavor, as it shouldn’t cause feelings of sleepiness or lethargy that can interfere with your plans.  When taken in the evening, it can help you concentrate on a movie when you want to tune out all of the background noise.


Because of its balanced effects, Sour Lifter can be great for all kinds of purposes.  It’s a well-rounded strain that has something for everyone, neither being too energizing or too sedating.  It’s useful to those who want a boost of creativity, focus, or productivity.  But, it can also be a godsend when you want something that will make you feel more chill.  We do not recommend taking it at bedtime as it may make some people feel something of a stimulating sensation of the mind that can interfere with sleep.


There is currently no growing information that can be useful to those who wish to cultivate their own Sour Lifter.  The strain is quite new and extremely hard to find presently.

Sour Lifter at Sativa Remedy

You can buy Sour Lifter buds at Sativa Remedy if you want to try this strain for yourself.  Our buds are certified organic and grown locally in New York State, outdoors where the weather conditions yield potent and abundant flowers.  Sour Lifter comes with a certificate of analysis from a third-party lab, and is fully compliant with both federal and state law.  Enjoy 1 to 28 grams at a time so that you can savor what this strain has to offer based on your unique hemp flower routine.

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