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Welcome to Sativa Remedy, where your journey to discovering your ultimate hemp remedy begins.

Established in 2018 as a NYS Licensed Hemp Dispensary, our mission is to empower you with knowledge and guidance, ensuring that you make informed choices while exploring our exceptional range of high-quality, curated, vetted, and tested hemp products.

At Sativa Remedy, we go beyond just being a dispensary. We are your trusted partners, committed to providing education and support every step of the way. Whether you have questions, concerns, or need personalized recommendations, our team of experts is here to assist you.

Embrace the confidence that comes with choosing Sativa Remedy as your go-to source for all things hemp!

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Real Reviews from Real Customers

Good selection and great staff. Always there to help and answer questions about their products.

Vinson Moore

Great products and very friendly staff

Kelly Walters

This shop is amazing!! The owner is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable and is so helpful in explaining each of the different products. I’m so grateful to have been referred to Sativa Remedy!

Kait Gannon

Helped us to understand how cbd vs. the works and we left with the best product for my hubby. Thank you for a great experience!

Pam Belzile

Navigate the Hemp Universe: Your Guide is Our Blog

June 15, 2024

Discover your WYLD at Sativa Remedy

Are you ready to elevate your wellness routine with a tasty twist? Look no further than WYLD THC-Free gummies, now available at Sativa Remedy. Sativa Remedy, your trusted source for high-quality hemp products, is excited to offer these delicious and effective gummies that bring the benefits of CBD, CBC, CBG,…
Grow Center
June 14, 2024

Incorporating Down-to-Earth Amendments into Your Organic Grow

When it comes to cultivating top-quality cannabis, the foundation of your grow—literally and figuratively—is the soil. Enriching your soil with the right nutrients is essential for healthy plant growth and robust yields. Down-to-Earth dry amendments offer an excellent way to enhance your soil and optimize your feeding schedule. Among their…
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May 16, 2024

Enhancing Flavor and Optimizing Plant Health with Roots Organics Terp Tea: A Comprehensive Guide

Roots Organics Terp Tea is a popular choice among cannabis growers looking to enhance the flavor and potency of their plants. In this blog post, we'll delve into what Roots Organics Terp Tea is, how it works, its different varieties, and how it can increase the terpene profile and overall…
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May 14, 2024

The Top 5 Mistakes New Cannabis Growers Make and How to Avoid Them

Growing cannabis can be a fun and rewarding endeavor, but with the endless amount of information that exists on the internet it can also be a bit overwhelming or confusing to know where to start. Many new growers face common mistakes that can hinder their success. In this guide, we'll…
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