Everyone has different reasons for using cannabis. Whether you are managing your health or just having fun, the quality of the product will affect its outcome. We have heard so many anecdotes about your experiences with pre-made edibles being ineffective, expensive or just not what you want. Here are the top reasons people choose to make their own edibles using our gummy candy making kits.

What’s in most pre-made edibles?
When you take a look at what is in pre-made edibles you will often see “plant type: blend”. That usually means that all of the plant trimmings from different plants are collected and used to make the concentrate that goes into the edibles. It is the off-cuts.

Choose your own plant ingredients
When you are making your own, you can get very specific about the ingredients you use. If you want all organic, or a certain strain, it is up to you. If you want to use full spectrum oil, or a concentrate, again it’s up to you.

Know how much cannabis is in your edible
There are pros and cons to both strong and weak edibles. People who need a lot of THC for pain management or are taking a good dose of CBD twice a day need to be able to make what they need and not bust the bank. On the other hand, some people prefer to use cannabis in very small amounts. With our edibles kits, you decide.

Choose your cannabinoids
Another consideration is which cannabinoids you want to use. If you are managing pain and want a certain THC to CBD ratio, this is in your hands. And you can change the profile of your edibles as you go.

Do it in the comfort of your own home
It’s always more comfortable to make your own food. And black markets are not food regulated. So, take it into your own hands, at home. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one.

Save a ton of money
Making your own edibles is definitely more cost effective than buying pre-made ones. In Canada, legal cannabis oil will cost you approximately $40 for 28ml of oil that contains 30mg/ml of active ingredient. If you want to make a 5mg edible using your oil and a Zen Zingers refill pack it will cost you $0.66 per edible. Here a pre-made, 5mg edible costs around $3.97. That’s a difference of $3.32. A big difference.

Making your own edibles and adjusting the levels of different ingredients you use, is part of using this plant to its fullest. Zen Zingers edibles kits are just the vehicle for whatever you want to make.

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