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Sativa Remedy Grow Center

Located inside Sativa Remedy, SRG Center is filled with a highly-curated selection of growing-supplies designed to keep you growing all-natural. From living soil blends, to carbon-based liquid nutrients made from plant fermentation, Sativa Remedy Grow Center is here to help throughout your growing journey.


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The Grow Center Brands

Highly-curated by passionate growers, the brands carried by Sativa Remedy Grow Center represents the simple, all-natural approach when it comes to cultivation. Everything you need from soil, tents, lights, nutrients, and accessories to help you harvest and store the fruits of your labor.

Happy Hydro

Happy Hydro began as a pipe dream in a garage, fueled by passion and dedication.

Now, after eight years, the company has blossomed into a thriving hydroponics store, embodying a strong philosophy that guides every aspect of their work. Happy Hydro operates as an online hydroponic store based in Buffalo, NY. Offering a wide selection of products from soil, lights, inline fans, pots to accessories like trimming shears, trellis netting, trimming trays and more, Happy Hydro prides themselves on their commitment to customer service and open lines of communication.

The company’s philosophy is simple and will never change: “When you’re happy, we’re happy.”


Build-a-Soil was started in Montrose, Colorado by Jeremy Silva with the desire to be self-sufficient and grow nutrient dense food and medicine.

Over the past decade, Jeremy has stood out in the cannabis industry as an educator, putting hundreds of hours of free educational content about growing on Youtube and other platforms. Build-a-Soil pride themselves on providing clean, organic, non-GMO soil mixes, dry amendments, trace minerals, mulch, and a variety of other products. The company is very transparent on where they source their products and how they are processed, ensuring they are safe to use for living soil systems.

Jeremy is known for using the products he sells in Youtube series where he does side-by-side grows to show viewers different ways to grow so they can see the results for themselves. Many of the products Build-a-Soil sells can be made at home and videos can be found on their Youtube page for step-by-step guidance.

Buffalo Worm Works

BFLO Worm Works was founded by Myles Stubblefield (aka “the worm king”) in 2019 as a way to demonstrate kindness to the Earth and community by turning organic waste streams into valuable natural resources to safeguard our souls and plants.

BFLO Worm Works produces high-quality, organic worm castings at their local warehouse in Tonawanda, NY. These castings are a rich source of nutrition for plants and microbiology for soil, making them a versatile amendment that can be used to amend soil, topdress soil, or make teas with.

Down To Earth

Down To Earth™ began in Eugene, Oregon, in 1977 in response to the growing segment of American consumers who were looking for alternatives to plastic and synthetic materials.

DTE strives to provide their customers with a reliable source and a wide selection of high-quality, natural, and sustainable products to enhance people’s lives with products that increase health and happiness.

The Down To Earth™ slogan “Practical Goods for Natural Living” reflects their thoughtful selection of items made from durable, recycled, or biodegradable materials such as cotton, felt, bamboo, ceramic, glass, cast iron, wood, and stainless steel. DTE takes pride in providing effective and environmentally friendly products for plant care and crop fertilization.

The company’s long-standing partnerships, specialized manufacturing processes, and deep commitment to honest and ethical organic products allow them to offer our customers true, premium-quality fertilizers, garden minerals, and potting soil, many that display the OMRI logo for Organic use. For more than 30 years, Down To Earth™ has been carefully formulating our fertilizers, soil amendments, potting soils, and composts from the very best sources of organic plant nutrients in ideal proportions, without the use of synthetics, growth stimulants, or low-quality fillers, such as poultry waste.

So, whether it’s one of our multi-purpose fertilizer blends, single-ingredient fertilizers, or specialized soil amendments, you can be confident that you are providing your garden or farm with the highest quality product available.

Rooted Leaf Agritech

Rooted Leaf Agritech takes a holistic and plant-centric approach to engineering fertilizers that reduce the environmental impacts of conventional agriculture.

Going beyond simple nourishment, their products help ensure the health and success of future generations by imbuing the soil with organic matter and stimulating microbiology activity. The company takes a “Do as nature does” approach and their products are engineered to replicate the soil-building and plant-growing chemistries that have nourished this green planet for billions of years.

Nature is the greatest visible engine of creativity and for Rooted Leaf Agritech as a company, an infinite source of inspiration. Rooted Leaf Agritech products are derived from organic plants and herbs extracted through a fermentation process that makes them 100% bioavailable to plants without harming the microbiology in the soil. Their products are unique in that they are loaded with carbon, the building block of life and an element that makes up close to 90% of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Rooted Leaf’s carbon-based fertilizers are a regenerative solution for sustainable agriculture.

AC Infinity

AC Infinity is a technology company focused on developing truly innovative environmental control products.

AC Infinity started as a group of acoustic engineers who worked on a studio renovation project. In performing their duties, their equipment overheated because of poor ventilation. With no cool air coming in, their audio gear could not perform at its best. At the time there were certainly fans strong enough to ventilate AV systems, but none quiet enough for use in studios.

This team decided to take matters into their own hands. They combined their expertise in mitigating noise levels in recording studios, with their study in sound and vibrations caused by air movement, to create a solution that was effective AND silent.

Two years later, they founded AC Infinity and decided to bring this solution to the mass market; the  AIRPLATE cabinet fan system was born. Never forgetting the thrill of creating ventilation solutions, we innovated one smart fan system after another to cover a wide range of applications. 

They have since become the foremost leader in AV room and grow tent cooling with the advent of the CLOUDLINE series of inline duct fans

Mars Hydro

Behind Mars Hydro’s success is a team of passionate individuals dedicated to providing the best products and services for indoor growers. Each team member is committed to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing personalized assistance and support.

Grove Bags

Grove Bags provides USA-made packaging with TerpLoc® Technology to efficiently preserve cannabis quality from cultivation to consumption for growers & consumers.

Grove Bags’ vision is to raise the quality standards in the cannabis industry, cementing TerpLoc® as a globally recognized cannabis packaging solution everywhere cannabis is found.


Roots Organic

Aurora Innovations was founded in Eugene, Oregon, by a group of conscientious, organic gardeners.

The company is dedicated to bringing you superior and unique organic gardening products so you and our planet will be healthier and happier. Aurora Innovations got their start creating the products they wanted for their own farms and gardens, and their grassroots approach to product design resonated with other farmers. With community support, they grew and today they’re an industry leader with global reach. To accomplish their goal of making the world’s best soils and plant foods, they rely on exemplary ingredients, state-of-the-art equipment, and the industry’s most talented minds.

Aurora Innovations has grown a lot over the years, but they’re still firmly rooted in their love for soil and their commitment to community. They do their part in the wider world by facilitating the efficient production of foods and medicines that are free from harmful chemical residues and pesticides. After more than 20 years in the business, they still believe that organic should mean more than a commitment to natural inputs.