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Bio365 BIOALL Potting Soil


BIOALL from Bio365 is a biologically active soil with moderate porosity, and provides a stable growing medium throughout the plant’s life cycle. BIOALL contains up to 5 weeks of nutrients, and is rich in nitrogen. One bag contains 1.5 cubic feet of potting soil, and weighs roughly 25 pounds.

This item is only available for local pickup at the Sativa Remedy Grow Center.

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BIOALL Potting Soil uses bio-transformed nutrients, which are more bioavailable than chemical fertilizer or regular organic nutrients. This potting soil provides a stable growing environment in all stages of a plant’s life, and contains up to 5 weeks of nutrients in each 1.5 cubic feet bag. BIOALL works as a great soil for indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse environments.

Unique to this soil is the introduction of Bacillus Subtilis, a beneficial bacteria, used in conjunction with coconut coir, sphagnum peat moss, softwood biochar, perlite, gypsum, diatomaceous earth, poultry litter, feather meal, dolomite, bone meal, bone char, and sulfate of potash.


For seeds or transplanted material at any stage of growth. Fertilize and water as needed.

Derived From:

  • Poultry Litter
  • Feather Meal
  • Dolomite
  • Bone Meal
  • Bone Char
  • Sulfate of Potash

Guaranteed Analysis: 

Bacillus Subtilis: 50,000 cfu/g

Total Nitrogen 0.45%
0.38% Water Soluble Nitrogen
0.07% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
Available Phosphate 0.18%
Soluble Potash 0.40%
Magnesium 1.96%

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