Rooted Leaf Agritech CalMag Fuel


Rooted Leaf Agritech CalMag Fuel has 6% available calcium and 1% available magnesium. Designed to be used throughout the lifespan of the plant, calcium and magnesium aid in primary growth and metabolism. CalMag Fuel uses 100% bioavailable nutrients, with no nitrates, phosphates, animal products, preservatives, stabilizers, or emulsifiers. Available in a 1-quart jug.

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Rooted Leaf CalMag Fuel uses fermented oranges and stevia to derive calcium and magnesium for liquid amendments. This formula is highly concentrated in a carbon solution, assisting plant growth by providing energy for primary and secondary metabolism. CalMag Fuel uses a unique form of calcium which is 100% bioavailable to plants and stays close to root hairs, remaining available for immediate uptake. Calcium helps to build stronger and thicker cell walls, as well as producing larger and denser flower sets. Plants grown under LED light have been shown to demand more calcium and magnesium. This liquid nutrient contains a 6:1 calcium to magnesium ratio, with 6% calcium, 1% magnesium, and 14% carbon.

Usage Instructions: 

  • Soil Drench Applications: Add 1mL-8mL per gallon of water. Mix well and discard any remaining solution.
  • Foliar Applications: Mix 10mL-20mL per gallon of water. Apply immediately and discard any remaining solution.

Feeding Charts: These charts provide a feeding schedule for all products in the Rooted Leaf Agritech Starter Kit, detailing when to use each product, and how much of each liquid nutrient to use.

Foliar Applications

Light Feeding

Medium Feeding

Heavy Feeding


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