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Here at Sativa Remedy, we’re honored to carry the exceptional line of hemp products from Seventh Hill.  While the brand began as a maker of CBD formulas, they’ve expanded their line to include some of the best-selling THC-infused edibles that are available today.  Let’s take a closer look at what makes this brand so special, by exploring their popular products and practices in-depth.

Get Acquainted with Seventh Hill

Seventh Hill is a hemp brand based in Northern California, where a group of friends invested in a cannabis farm on a road called Seventh Hill.  This was during a time when the hemp industry had not yet been legalized, so hemp farming was exclusively for selling hemp products to licensed dispensaries.  But, over the years, with changing legislation, the company was able to market their products commercially, at which point they moved operations to Oregon.  Seventh Hill grows their own hemp on their farmland, and crafts products in-house with meticulously high standards to offer nothing but the finest products possible, overseen by a close-knit group of friends who just so happen to be experts in their field.  Their hands-on seed-to-sale approach has earned them a reputation for being one of the most trustworthy brands on the market, with an artisanal edge that has given them a huge fanbase.

A Variety of Dazzling Formulas

If there’s one thing that Seventh Hill is known for, it’s their edibles.  Their commitment to offering as wide a range of edibles as possible is a big part of their success.  Their caramels are particularly delicious, available in a variety of flavors (Coffee Crunch is a crowd-pleaser), and different formulations including pure CBD options and ones that offer 2:1 CBD to THC ratios for a psychoactive effect.  Their edibles are made with natural ingredients, made on their farm with the freshest ingredients possible.

Their CBN “Chill” Gummies are a popular choice for nighttime, offering a cannabinoid known for easing the body and mind just in time for bed.  They also offer delicious gummies with a uniquely fresh flavor that comes from plant-based ingredients, along with a one-of-a-kind 5:1 CBD to THC tincture that’s unflavored, and perfect for anyone seeking out a sublingual hemp routine.

Organic, Natural, and Clean

The brand’s emphasis on quality ingredients has become legendary.  Their hemp is grown organically, to offer a pesticide-free extract in each product.  Their other ingredients are naturally sourced, and you’ll notice when looking at the labels of each product that there are minimal ingredients, which gives each product a homemade edge.  Because of this, their flavors are unbelievably satisfying, as you’re not getting artificial flavoring and sweetener in each bite.


Each product by Seventh Hill has undergone extensive third-party testing through a state-authorized laboratory, and the brand has made it a point to make their lab reports easy to find on their website.  These lab reports confirm that their products have been tested for quality, safety, purity, potency, and legality.

An Emphasis on Flavor

Not only are the edibles from Seventh Hill mouthwatering, but the brand has strived to offer as diverse of a selection of options as possible.  Their variety of flavors keeps enthusiasts enticed, and eager to try out every product in their collection.  Their limitless imagination has given the hemp-loving public some of the most truly tasty edibles of all time, and we love that the brand focuses on more than just gummies, to give customers a nice variety.

Products to Try

If you’re eager to try the products from Seventh Hill, but don’t know where to start, allow us to share some customer favorites.

6:1 Balance Oil: With 16mg CBD and 2-3mg THC in each dropper, the 6:1 Balance Oil lives up to its name with a wonderfully balanced combination of the two most sought-after cannabinoids of all time.  This ultra-clean formula contains just hemp extract and organic plant oils to offer a flavorless tincture that can be used sublingually, or added into food and drinks to elevate your favorite meals and beverages.

2:1 Coffee Crunch Caramels: The 2:1 Coffee Crunch Caramels burst with mouthwatering, decadent flavor, with the brand’s signature caramel recipe enhanced by coffee grounds for an added bit of decadence.  The 2:1 ratio offers 20mg CBD and 10mg delta 9 THC.

CBG Focus Gummies: The CBG Focus Gummies use CBG, another nonintoxicating cannabinoid, to offer a whole new series of desirable effects to the user, with CBG being a mood-boosting, anti-inflammatory cannabinoid associated with potential cognitive-boosting properties.  These gummies are delicious with their juicy orange flavor that makes each piece irresistible.  Every gummy contains 20mg CBG, 20mg CBD, and 5mg THC, for a well-rounded hemp experience complete with a psychoactive buzz with every serving.  

Try the Collection of Seventh Hill Products at Sativa Remedy

Seventh Hill is a fan favorite throughout the industry, and at Sativa Remedy, we’ve got their delicious products ready for your enjoyment.  With every product you buy from the brand, you’ll know that you’re getting a meticulously handcrafted formula that’s full of hemp’s most beloved properties, while also knowing that you’re going to be treated to phenomenal flavor and the cleanest formulas possible with each and every serving.  If you’re ready to learn more about what this Oregon-based company has to offer, explore the collection of Seventh Hill edibles and more here at Sativa Remedy, where you’ll be able to sample nothing but the finest in their catalog.

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