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Sativa Remedy has been proud to introduce hemp enthusiasts to some of the most celebrated manufacturers in the industry over the years.  We’re particularly known for our collection of edibles, which feature so much more than your standard gummies.  One brand that has helped us build our collection and offer a variety of flavor options is Xite Edibles.  This is a company with a fascinating story, meticulously high standards, and nothing but the finest that the hemp industry has to offer.  If you’re a fan of edibles, you’ll want to check out what this phenomenal company is doing for the market.

Introducing Xite Edibles

Xite Edibles has one of the richest histories out of any edibles brand out there today.  In fact, the brand began in the late 1800s, well over a century ago, when Patsy Mehaney, an Irishman, decided to invest his life into crafting the finest saltwater taffy and candied popcorn possible, to sell at local fairs and public events in Terra Haute, Indiana, where he resided.  While it’s never been confirmed, the story goes that the company Cracker Jack purchased his candied popcorn recipe and still uses it to this day.

Patsy eventually settled in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and in 1903, he opened up his storefront business, called Patsy’s Candies.  Fast-forward over a century later, and the brand continues to sell candies to this day inspired by Patsy’s original recipes.  Only now, the brand has expanded to offer hemp-infused options that combine the company’s mastery over confectionary craftsmanship with experts in the field of hemp who source the finest plant material to ensure nothing but maximum satisfaction.  Because of the brand’s history, they are regarded for offering some of the very best hemp-infused candies, period, with many exciting flavors to choose from.  Xite Edibles remains in Colorado to this day, and with a booming cannabis industry that began in the state over a decade ago, it’s no surprise that such a fusion would take place.

So Many Choices

Xite Edibles offers all kinds of tasty treats for any hemp enthusiast with a sweet tooth.  Not only that, but their products come in various milligram strengths, as well as CBD to THC ratios.  The brand mainly offers 1:1 ratios (THC to CBD), but they also produce a 5:1 gummy that’s great for those who want a milder THC buzz with a lot of CBD to get them nice and mellow.

The brand’s delicious edibles include rich milk chocolate, mouthwatering taffy chews, fruity gummies, caramel popcorn (yes, inspired by their original recipe from the late 1800s), almond toffee, and cookies & cream chocolate.  It’s hard to choose just one, which is fine, because the brand’s products come in various quantity options so that you can mix and match, and enjoy a different delicious edible every day of the week if you so choose.

The Finest Ingredients

Patsy’s Candies, and now Xite Edibles, has managed to thrive for so long because of their commitment to quality, which comes down to their ingredients.  The brand continues to produce everything in-house, opting for an artisanal approach that gives their products an edge in the quality department.  Each product, from seed to sale, is overseen by the brand, which employs only the most experienced hemp enthusiasts and candy makers in Colorado.  The ingredients are natural and minimal, offering a homemade taste that’s irresistible.

Always Lab-Tested

You can check the lab reports for yourself, to confirm that every product from Xite Edibles is made with the finest hemp extract possible.  The brand’s hemp extract, which is organic and pesticide-free, undergoes extensive third-party testing by a state-authorized laboratory to ensure that it offers the ideal levels of purity, potency, and safety, and that it’s fully compliant with the law.  Their lab reports are very easy to access so that customers can know with confidence that they’re getting nothing but the best.

Products to Try

If you’re eager to try the products from Seventh Hill, but don’t know where to start, allow us to share some customer favorites.

1:1 Chocolate Bar: With 150mg CBD and 150mg delta 9 THC in each bar, this absolutely delicious chocolate shows off just how skilled Xite is when it comes to making candies that go above and beyond in the flavor department.  Rich and creamy milk chocolate offers an irresistible edible that delivers plenty of psychoactive enjoyment.

1:1 Caramel Popcorn: You really can’t go wrong with a caramel popcorn so good, it’s been around for over a century.  This delicious caramel popcorn has the sweet and salty taste you’re looking for, all while providing a generous 100mg CBD and 100mg delta 9 THC in every bag.

1:1 Fruit Chews: For fans of fruity candies, who want something different from the more ubiquitous gummies, these fruit chews are absolutely a must-try.  Each single-serving piece contains 15mg CBD and 15mg delta 9 THC, for a substantial high from the latter cannabinoid, with blue raspberry and strawberry flavors to choose from.

“Xite” Your Taste Buds at Sativa Remedy

Xite Edibles is not your average hemp company.  Their edibles really go above and beyond to deliver homemade, handcrafted flavor with only the finest, fresh ingredients, to offer something that satisfies on every level.  Their catalog has something for every sweet tooth out there, whether you’re about fruit, chocolate, or sweet and salty.  And, at Sativa Remedy, we offer the best of the best in their catalog so that any fan of delta 9 THC and CBD can feel satisfied beyond belief.  Check out Xite Edibles at Sativa Remedy today.

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