Rooted Leaf Agritech Peak Bloom


Rooted Leaf Agritech Peak Bloom 0-7-6 is made from plants rich in prebiotic sugars, amino and organic acids, and minerals. Peak Bloom is 100% bioavailable blend of phosphorus and potassium, resisting soil tie-up or lock-out. Designed to be used at the end of the vegetative stage and into late bloom, this liquid nutrient helps increase flower growth and density. Available in a 1-quart jug.

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Rooted Leaf Agritech Peak Bloom 0-7-6 uses fermented artichoke and moringa to provide phosphorus and potassium. Peak Bloom helps to increase flower growth and density by enhancing water uptake and nutrient metabolism pathways in flowering plants, leading to faster growth and higher yields, while resisting soil tie-up. This bioavailable phosphorus and potassium supplement is 100% nitrate free, with 8% available carbon. Rooted Leaf Agritech Peak Bloom should be used starting in the late vegetative stage, up until late bloom.

Usage Instructions: 

  • Soil Drench Applications: Add 1mL-6mL per gallon of water. Mix well and discard any remaining solution.
  • Foliar Applications: Mix 2.5mL-5mL per gallon of water. Apply immediately and discard any remaining solution. Apply 2-3 times per week.

Feeding Charts: These charts provide a feeding schedule for all products in the Rooted Leaf Agritech Starter Kit, detailing when to use each product, and how much of each liquid nutrient to use.

Foliar Applications

Light Feeding

Medium Feeding

Heavy Feeding


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