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CBD topicals are a huge submarket of the hemp industry.  In fact, they’ve been around for enough years now, allowing us to see that they clearly do have something significant to offer.  Specifically, being distinctive from other CBD product types.  Topicals, whether they be creams, salves, gels, or balms, all share something in common with one another.  Would you like to know what that is?  It’s the ability to absorb through the skin in a localized way.  So, if you’re new to the concept of CBD topicals, allow us to offer more insight into this totally distinctive product type.  After all, it might even be what has been missing from your routine.

CBD Topicals 101

A CBD topical is any CBD-infused product that’s intended to be applied to the skin, rather than taken internally.  You can find all kinds of formulas that vary in milligram strength, consistency, purpose of use, fragrance, ingredients, and so on, but at the end of the day, they all work in the same way.

When a CBD topical is applied to the skin, it interacts with local cannabinoid receptors – the parts of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that’re in charge of regulating physiological processes on an individual level.  Applying CBD to the skin allows the cannabinoid to work with only localized receptors, like ones that regulate inflammation, pain sensitivity, skin balance, and more.  While internal products, like gummies, tinctures, etc., offer CBD throughout the body, topicals focus on one problem area in a concentrated and direct way.

What Can CBD Topicals Do?

Because CBD topicals work in a more localized and targeted way, they serve some very specific purposes that make them unique from other product types.  Let’s take a look at the potential benefits of using CBD topicals.

Localized Inflammation/Discomfort

CBD topicals have been found to offer potential benefits to those dealing with localized discomfort, caused by inflammation or otherwise.  The cannabinoid has been tested for its transdermal effects, as it quickly absorbs through the skin to reach the deep tissue, interacting directly with local receptors that regulate inflammation, tolerance to discomfort, and even neuropathic discomfort.  On average, topicals absorb within 15 minutes, and the effects can remain active for up to 6 hours.

Potential Skin Benefits

Research in the area of CBD topicals and their impact on skin health is quite intriguing. Cannabidiol (CBD) seems to interact effectively with cannabinoid receptors in the skin, offering support to important skin functions. Additionally, CBD’s sebostatic properties, which support the regulation of sebum production, make it a potential option for aiding in the management of acne or skincare problems. In general, CBD has demonstrated its ability to contribute to overall skin improvement, leading to its popularity as a key ingredient in skincare products.

What Types of CBD Topicals are There?

There are lots of different topical types on the market, so let’s take a look at the most common ones that you’ll come across.

  • Creams: Extra-rich, intensely moisturizing formulas that are also great for dry skin.
  • Salves: Waxy, plant butter-based topicals that absorb into the skin quickly.
  • Lotions: Creamy moisturizing formulas that are thinner than creams, to cover larger surface areas more easily.
  • Balms: Buttery formulas that mainly stay in the skin tissue rather than absorbing more deeply.
  • Body Butters: The thickest, richest cream formula there is, for very dry skin.
  • Gels: Water-based formulas that absorb quickly without leaving behind a greasy residue of any kind.
  • Lip Balms: Moisturizing formulas for the lips.
  • Skincare: Products intended to be used on the face, like serums, creams, and face masks.

Choosing the Right CBD Topical

Now that you know the different kinds of CBD topicals that are out there, let’s get more specific about what to look for when picking one out.

  • Milligram Strengths Matter: Always pay attention to the milligram strength of the formula, which tells you how potent it is based on how much CBD is actually in the product. You don’t want to go with a product that contains so little CBD it won’t actually do anything.  And, there’s no such thing as “too much” CBD when applied topically.  Look for, ideally, a product with at least 50mg per fluid ounce.
  • Read the Ingredients: Always read through the list of ingredients of a CBD topical before buying, to make sure that the ingredients aren’t cheap synthetics, and to make sure that there’s nothing in there that doesn’t agree with your skin – like a certain essential oil that gives you a reaction. In general, the more natural the formula, the better.  Also, check if there’s a fragrance in the product, if that’s something that you’re sensitive to or particular about.
  • Check Reviews and Lab Reports: Before buying a CBD product, always do two things: one is to check the reviews, to make sure that customers are generally satisfied with the results that they get. The other thing to do is look at the third-party lab reports provided online by the manufacturer, which verify that the product is safe, potent, pure, authentic, and legally compliant, through a testing process performed by a third-party laboratory.

Can CBD Topicals Be Used with Other Hemp-Infused Products?

One other quick thing: you don’t need to worry about any interaction between a CBD topical and another hemp product.  CBD topicals absorb through the skin and don’t really get absorbed beyond where they’re applied.  Even if they did, however, you can take multiple hemp products together without any concern for toxicity or a negative interaction.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Using Topicals?

Fortunately, you don’t really have to worry about any danger associated with topical use – something that we talked about earlier.  There are no reported side effects caused by using topicals, nor is there any risk associated with using them frequently, or simply using a high-strength product.  Overall, topicals can be used as many times as necessary to maintain the results that the individual is trying to achieve.

Just keep in mind that some topicals may contain ingredients, unrelated to the hemp extract, that can irritate the skin or cause a reaction if the person has an allergy.  So it is important to read the ingredients carefully before making a purchase, to avoid skin irritation or another kind of unwanted reaction.

CBD Topicals are a Gamechanger!

Overall, it’s hard to find a reason to not give CBD topicals a try.  They’re perfect for anyone who has some sort of localized issue, which accounts for just about all of us, and they’re easy to use, while clinical data shows that they offer a lot of real promise.  If you’re ready to dive into the topicals world, we encourage you to check out the products that are available at Sativa Remedy, which come in various formulas, strengths, and more, to ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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