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Micro-dosing THC

THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the intoxicant effect in hemp and cannabis, and thanks to the evolving hemp market, we can now purchase legal hemp-derived delta 9 THC products. While most of us associate THC with a potent, hazy, and lazy high, the reality is that the effects one experiences through THC are highly dose-dependent. And there’s a growing trend in the cannabis community known as Micro-dosing THC, which is changing our very concept of THC as we know it.

If you’re interested in microdosing, whether it’s because you have a generally low tolerance to the high of THC or because you want to experience the cannabinoid differently, we’re going to cover everything there is to know about the concept to help get you started.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing refers to the act of taking tiny doses of a substance, with the dosage being just high enough to pass the threshold for effectiveness. Unsurprisingly, the result is very subtle effects that alter how we feel, but not to the extent that we’re high in a way that may interfere with our day-to-day routines.

A microdose of THC is considered anything below 10 milligrams. Naturally, that’s easier to count out when using an oral product like a gummy or a tincture, as these products are already sold by the milligram strength, unlike a flower. And, because hemp-derived THC products can’t exceed a concentration of 0.3% delta 9, micro-dosing is easier than ever since you won’t find hemp-derived delta 9 products that are potent to begin with.

What’s the Ideal Microdose for THC?

Now, let’s get more specific. As we said, a microdose is anything below 10 milligrams, but the effects you experience can vary greatly depending on the particular milligram strength you take. Some people may microdose with 1 milligram, while others may go up to 9. So, let’s break down the different ranges.

  • 1-2mg: 1-2 milligrams of THC daily is incredibly low – so low that it’s doubtful you’ll feel anything close to a psychoactive effect. Taken daily, 1-2mg may offer mild potential benefits, more cumulatively than with each individual dose.
  • 3-5mg: 3-5mg may give you the subtlest of mood benefits, and ultimately, this amount is still extremely low in terms of the potential for psychoactive effects, although those with a very low tolerance may notice a super subtle buzz.
  • 5-9mg: With 5-9mg, you’re likely to experience a very mild buzz, and you’re more likely to experience clear benefits from taking this amount daily, which accumulate over time.


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What are the Benefits of Microdosing with THC?

When it comes to microdosing with THC, it’s essential to consider the benefits rather than seeing the concept as a less fulfilling way to enjoy the cannabinoid. By microdosing with THC, you can:

  • Enjoy Subtle Mood-Balancing Effects:

    Even at a very low dose, THC’s mood-balancing effects can be totally legit. You may notice less anxiety, stress and a generally uplifted, clearer, and more focused state of mind. You may even notice enhanced creativity or a feeling of being more comfortable in social settings.

  • Experience Mild but Effective Potential Benefits:

    Don’t discount the many potential benefits you can get even from just small doses of THC, which can include anti-inflammatory effects, analgesic effects, antinausea effects, and more. Again, these effects can be more viable if you work a microdose of THC into your daily routine, as opposed to using it sporadically.

  • Enjoy the Effects of THC without Being Debilitated in Any Way:

    Some of us find that being high on THC debilitates us in some way. Maybe it makes us couchlocked and unable to feel productive. Or it interferes with our ability to concentrate, socialize, or be physically active. A microdose can generally allow you to maintain full functionality while still benefiting from the cannabinoid.

  • Experience THC at Any Time of Day:

    Microdosing instantly makes THC a more versatile cannabinoid. You can get through a workday and various social activities without being self-conscious that you’re visibly high.

  • Avoid the Stronger Potential Side Effects of THC:

    Some people don’t want to get super high off of THC because they’re sensitive to specific side effects like anxiety, paranoia, drowsiness, or lowered blood pressure. Microdosing essentially eliminates the risk of these side effects.

  • Save Money:

    Naturally, using less of a product each day will save you money in the long run.

How to Microdose with THC: Tips to Follow

If you want to get started with THC microdosing, here are the tips that will ensure success.

Be Mindful of the Dosage

First, the dosage is everything – after all, “dose” is in the term. We recommend starting with 1-2mg if you’re a complete beginner, 5mg if you’re a moderate THC user, and 10mg if you’re someone who has a lot of experience with THC.

Pay Attention to the Effects

Of course, pay attention to how you feel after your first microdose. If you like the effects, you know you’ve chosen the correct dosage and delivery method, and maybe even strain if that applies to the product type you’re using.

Adjust if Necessary

Naturally, you might find that you want to make an adjustment to your routine at some point. Usually, that means increasing your dosage by a couple of milligrams. It’s normal to build up a tolerance to THC, so you may find that after a month or so of daily intake, you start requiring a higher dose to get the same desired effects.

Microdosing May be Your New Favorite Way to Enjoy THC

The reality is that microdosing with THC is extremely popular right now for a reason. It doesn’t mean that you can’t also enjoy higher doses when you want, but it does act as a great way to enjoy a daily routine while saving you money at the same time. If you’re going to get into this trend, check out Sativa Remedy’s collection of THC gummies, tinctures, and more, which already come in microdose servings to make it easy.


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