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If you think you’ve exhausted all of the types of hemp products out there – gummies, tinctures, vapes, flower, topicals and so on – then you might want to think again.  Hemp beverages are a big deal right now, quickly becoming one of the most sought-after product types on the ever-evolving market.  Let’s take a closer look at what makes these products so unique, while sharing everything that there is to know about them.

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabinoid-Infused Beverages

Hemp beverages refer to any commercial beverage that is infused with a hemp extract – often just a cannabinoid distillate, which is a purified extract of a specific cannabinoid, like CBD, THC, etc.

Hemp beverages fall into the category of edibles technically, since they’re ingested, just like gummies, caramels, and capsules, to offer the effects of the cannabinoid through the unique delivery method that takes place when we digest these compounds.  But, they have some unique advantages that make them different from other types of edibles, which are worth paying attention to as they have everything to do with this product type’s fast-growing appeal.

They Absorb Faster and More Efficiently Than Edibles

One of the most interesting things about beverages is that they absorb faster than other types of edibles, meaning that they can take effect sooner.  That’s because the cannabinoid has been nano-emulsified.  See, cannabinoid distillates are naturally oil-soluble rather than water-soluble.  Before we get into what that means, keep in mind that one exception is the majority of hemp teas, which combine dried hemp flower with tea leaves.

Nano-emulsification turns an oil-soluble substance into a water-soluble substance.  This matters to the user because it means that the cannabinoids can absorb into the body more efficiently, since the body is made up of a high percentage of water.  This way, hemp beverages take effect sooner, and the effects can be stronger per milligram than, say, gummies.

The Effects Can Last for Hours

As you may already know with edibles in general, ingesting cannabinoids means the longest-lasting effects of any delivery method.  This is because the cannabinoids get processed through the liver, converting into new metabolites – for instance, 11-hydroxy THC, a THC metabolite – and this means that they distribute through the body for an extended period of time.  So, with hemp beverages, you can generally count on 5-7 hours of effectiveness.

They’re Super Refreshing

Hemp beverages are also, of course, a uniquely refreshing way to enjoy your favorite cannabinoids.  They simultaneously quench your thirst while offering the potential benefits of the hemp plant.  In fact, they can be fantastic for someone who is trying to reduce their alcohol intake, but still wants a beverage with an active ingredient like CBD – or THC, which is intoxicating.

They’re Easy to Travel with

Hemp beverages are great for traveling, of course, as you can sip them in your car, or enjoy them on a walk.  It’s not like vaping or smoking flower, which draws more attention to you, and is easily confused with marijuana.  Discreet, portable, and mess-free, they make for a great product when you’re on the road or just generally not at home.

They Come in Lots of Flavors

Like other types of edibles, hemp beverages come in a lot of great flavor options to choose from.  We’re big fans of sparkling waters and seltzers, which are flavored with fruit extracts, and are both generally healthier than other types of drinks (like soft drinks and sugary fruit juices), while still being extremely tasty.

Many are Intoxicating

Keep in mind that a lot of the hemp beverages you’re seeing on the market right now are intoxicating.  Pay attention to the label to see what the cannabinoid content is.  Many contain THC – a federally compliant amount, that is – which, as we all know, creates a high.  Because there is a legal limit as to how much delta 9 THC can be in a hemp product (maximum of 0.3%), they’re not incredibly intoxicating, but do offer a really nice and effective THC buzz.  You can, of course, also find hemp beverages that are not psychoactive, using nonintoxicating CBD as the cannabinoid of choice.

They’re Legal

Hemp beverages are a legal product type, which means that you don’t have to worry about being able to buy and enjoy as you so choose.  The only restriction when it comes to hemp products is that they may not contain more than 0.3% delta 9 THC.  Otherwise, you can enjoy exploring the different hemp drinks out there as freely as you wish.

What to Know About Using Hemp Beverages

Now that we’ve gone over what hemp beverages are, let’s share some final tips about incorporating them into your routine.

  • You Can Use Them with Other Hemp Products: Yes, you can enjoy hemp beverages with other hemp products that you’re already using daily, as hemp products do not interact negatively with each other, or put you at risk of toxicity (hemp is nontoxic). Keep in mind that you may want to alter your dose if you’re already taking the same cannabinoid in another product form.
  • You’ll Want to Be Mindful of Your Consumption: Hemp beverages can be so refreshing and easy to consume that you could very well end up drinking more than you had intended to. If the beverage is psychoactive, this means it’s all too easy to get too high.  So, monitor your intake based on the milligram strength printed on the product’s label.
  • They May Cause Dry Mouth: Maybe paradoxically, hemp beverages may cause dry mouth, as this is a common (and harmless) side effect of most cannabinoids.

Hemp Beverages: An Emerging Trend to Try at Sativa Remedy

Hemp beverages are a gamechanger, offering a fast and powerfully absorbing way to drink your favorite cannabinoids, with hours of effects to look forward to.  Whether your main goal is getting high, or you’re simply looking for a way to unwind with a gentler cannabinoid formulation, we’ve got you covered with exceptional, lab-tested, and effective hemp drinks at Sativa Remedy.

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