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BuildASoil Basalt Rock Dust


BuildASoil Basalt Rock Dust is a volcanic rock, finely ground into an amendment commonly used in soil for its many benefits, such as providing a slow and natural release of a broad-spectrum of essential elements, making it a great source of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, silicon, iron, and other trace minerals. Basalt is also used for boosting nutrient intake, building the humus complex of the soil, preventing erosion, increasing pest and environmental resistance. This bag of basalt rock dust is available in a 5-pound bag.

This item is only available for local pickup at the Sativa Remedy Grow Center.

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BuildASoil Basalt Rock Dust is a simple, natural, and versatile rock dust amendment, often used in soil in regions that lack mineral deposits from glaciers. A convenient alternative to chemical fertilizers, this natural amendment is made from volcanic rock dust, and has been used since the earliest civilizations to remineralize soil for their crops. Basalt in particular has many useful properties, most apparent is its slow and natural release of essential elements and trace minerals, leading to better soil condition, increased brix levels, raising soil pH, and feeding worms and microorganisms which aids in the formation of the humus complex, improving soil structure and fertility. This eco-friendly amendment also helps plants resist pests and environmental conditions. By increasing the soil’s water and nutrient storage capacity, basalt helps the plant and soil during dry conditions. Basalt is also known to draw carbon dioxide from the air into the soil, providing a carbon-rich soil for plants and other organisms to thrive in.


Usage Instructions for Basalt Rock Dust:

  • Composting: Combine basalt rock dust with organic materials in compost to speed up the composting and remineralization process. Add 2-20-pounds of basalt rock dust per cubic yard of compost.
  • Soil Acidity Regulation: if the soil is too acidic, mix basalt rock dust with agricultural limestone to neutralize the soil’s pH. It is recommended to add 1-cup of basalt rock dust per 1 cubic foot of soil.
  • Direct Amendment Application: Basalt rock dust can be spread by hand, rototilled, disked in,applied with a manure or fertilizer spreader, incorporated into most potting soil mixtures. It is recommended to add 1-cup of basalt rock dust per 1 cubic foot of soil.

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