BuildASoil Insect Frass


BuildASoil Insect Frass harnesses the benefits of the natural symbiotic relation between insects and plants, helping the plant develop natural resistances to harmful pests and fungal pathogens. Insect frass contains beneficial nutrients and microorganisms, and a plant-available source of chitin. The estimated NPK value of BuildASoil Insect Frass is 3-2-4, making it a great additive during the vegetative stage and throughout mid-flowering. Available in a 4-pound bag.

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BuildASoil Insect Frass is made from the exoskeleton and waste of the black soldier fly larvae. Insect frass contains a source of chitin that can be digested by the plant, creating the enzyme chitinase, which is a bio-fungicide that kills powdery and downy mildew, early and late blight, and gray mold. Chitin also produces antimicrobial peptides that make nutrients inaccessible to pathogens, as well as blocking the release of pathogenic mycotoxins. Insect frass contains nitrifying and nitrogen-fixing bacteria, giving the plants a boost in nitrogen uptake and increases the ability to store carbon and nitrogen in the soil. BuildASoil Insect Frass contains an estimated NPK value of 3-2-4, great for use during the plant’s vegetative and mid-flowering growth stages, while also naturally increasing plant immunity to harmful pests and pathogens, and suppressing many plant diseases, while not harming beneficial insects or nematodes.

Usage Instructions

For soil building or top dressing, apply 1/4 – 1/2 cup per cubic foot of soil.

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