Rooted Leaf Agritech Primer A


Rooted Leaf Agritech Primer A (1.5-0-8) is part 1 of a 2-part system designed to meet the nutritional requirements of a plant throughout its lifespan, from vegetative growth to bloom. Primer A is a potassium-rich macronutrient supplement, heavy in organic acids and bioavailable carbon, designed to be used in conjunction with Primer B to deliver precise nutrition and maintain vigorous growth. Both liquid nutrients are compatible with all grow mediums, and are available in a 1-quart jug.

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Rooted Leaf Agritech Primer A (1.5-0-8) and Rooted Leaf Agritech Primer B (4-3-2) are a 2-part system made with 100% bioavailable nutrients. Pairing Primer A and Primer B throughout the lifespan of the plant helps the plant maintain a vigorous state of growth due to its optimized nitrogen to potassium ratio. Rooted Leaf liquid nutrients are each compatible with one another, and work best in a regimented feeding schedule with the liquid nutrients in the Rooted Leaf Agritech Starter Kit.

Usage Instructions: Mix equal parts of Primer A and Primer B, totaling 4mL-12mL per gallon of water. Primer A and Prime B should only be used for soil drench applications, and are not recommended for use as a foliar spray.

Check out our blog for more information and instructions on using Rooted Leaf Primer A and Rooted Leaf Primer B.

Feeding Charts: These charts provide a feeding schedule for all products in the Rooted Leaf Agritech Starter Kit, detailing when to use each product, and how much of each liquid nutrient to use.

Light Feeding

Medium Feeding

Heavy Feeding


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