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Kosher Kush, bred by DNA Genetics, comes with 3 feminized seeds. This indica-dominant cultivar tends to grow tall with an average yield, and a THC potential of 20-25%.

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This pack of Kosher Kush from DNA Genetics comes with 3 feminized seeds. An amazing strain out of California. A stinky over the top strain with an average yield making all who smoke it feel “blessed”. She grows tall so pinching will help tame her as well as beef up the yields. She is easy to grow for the beginner and a challenge to master for the expert. The Kosher can handle moderate to heavy nutrients.




GENETICS: Kosher Kush x Kosher Kush

EFFECTS: This strain is said to be a full-bodied experience which produces a mild body buzz followed by a cerebral effect that helps alleviate depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

FLOWERING INDOOR: 63-68 days with yields of up to 350-450 grams per square meter

FLOWERING OUTDOOR: Ready mid October (North Hemisphere)


All seeds offered at Sativa Remedy Grow Center are legal hemp seeds.

They are intended to be collectible adult souvenirs and for genetic preservation purposes. We do not encourage, under any circumstances, the use of these seeds for any other purpose and in no way whatsoever do we condone the germination of hemp seeds.

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